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What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a helpful service that allows you to direct incoming calls to another number, including your mobile phone. So, if someone’s trying to reach you at home, but you’d rather they catch you while you’re out and about, just set up call forwarding, and all will be well. Learn how to set up call forwarding below.

How do I set up call forwarding?

Setting up call forwarding couldn’t be easier. Just pick up your handset and press *70. Then enter the number you want to forward your calls to and finish by pressing the call button. (Remember to include the area code if it differs from your home phone).

After 5 to 6 seconds, you’ll be advised that the feature is now activated. Voila.

How do I switch off call forwarding?

If you’d like to switch off call forwarding, just lift the receiver and dial #70 followed by the call button. Then wait 5 to 6 seconds and hang up. And that's it – call forwarding should be disabled.

How much does call forwarding cost?

Very little. There’s no set-up charge, and forwarded calls are charged at standard rates. That means if you forward your calls to a mobile, it’ll cost the same as dialling a landline. Simple, right?

What is call waiting?

Call waiting is a feature that lets you know if another caller is trying to get through the line while you’re speaking to someone else. A quiet beep will play when there’s an incoming call, and you’ll have the option to take the second call or ignore it. Find out more about how to use call waiting below.

How do I use call waiting?

Call waiting is a beautiful thing. You can juggle conversations, finish business with one and switch to the other, or even politely tell your caller that you’ll have to ring them back. It’s unobtrusive too. When you’re on the phone, a soft ‘beep’ alerts you to an incoming call.

To ignore the new call, don’t do a thing – the caller’s experience will continue as usual.

If you’d like to take the new call, simply press R2 on your phone. The first call will be put on hold, and you’ll be speaking to the new caller as you would anyone else.

If the second call is going to take a while, and you’d like to let the first know it, press the R2 to switch between the two.

To finish your current call and talk to the other caller, say your goodbyes and press R1.


If you don’t have an R1 and R2 on your phone, you can press the release button followed by the number 2 to put your initial caller on hold. Likewise, you press the release button and then the number 1 to put the second caller on hold.

Keep in mind, on some phones, the release button is called 'Flash'.

How much does call waiting cost?

Call waiting? Not a thing. It’s free no matter what.

What is last number redial?

Last number redial temporarily saves the last person or party you called, and redials the number with the push of three buttons. It’s fast, convenient and lets you jump back into a conversation before you forgot what you were talking about. Learn more about how to use last number redial below.

How do I use last number redial?

To utilise Last Number Redial, simply press # # followed by the call button. Your phone will dial the last number you called and save you the hassle of punching in the numbers again.

How do I set up call barring?

There may be certain numbers you'd rather not have to deal with, whether you want to block premium or international calls being made from your phone or bar incoming calls of the nuisance variety.

Don't worry, this is where we can help. Just give our Customer Service team a call on Freephone 1908. We'll set it up for free, but you'll pay a recurring charge every month for the service.

Here's what it costs per month:

- Mobile call barring €3.36

- Mobile and premium call barring €3.36

- All other call barring products €3.00

How do I use Anonymous Call Rejection?

This feature enables the subscriber to reject incoming calls delivered without caller ID. Incoming calls will be checked for number privacy before they are allowed to complete.

To activate this service on your handset press *90.

To deactivate the service on your handset press #90.

Customers who subscribed to our Home Phone service before 3 May 2011 should contact our customer care team on 1908 to have Anonymous Call Rejection activated.

How do I activate voicemail?

How you set up your voicemail depends on how you want it to work.

For instance, if you want to direct calls received to voicemail whilst you're on another call, press *75 followed by the call button. You’ll hear a continuous tone followed by 2 beeps to confirm the process is done.

If you want to direct unanswered calls to voicemail, press *77 followed by the call button. You’ll hear a change in the tone confirming your voicemail is activated.


Pretty easy, no?

How do I access my voicemail messages?

Accessing your voicemail is a piece of cake. Just pick up the phone and dial 171 from your Virgin Media line. Then, simply follow the instructions to listen to your messages. You’ll also be given the option to personalise your voicemail.

If you’d like to check your voicemail from a non-Virgin Media line, you can gain access by calling 01 2449805 and entering your Virgin Media phone number when prompted, including the area code.

Your mailbox can store a maximum of 20 messages, so if you would like to delete a voicemail to free up some room, you’ll need to listen to it first by dialling into 171. Directly after listening to it, you simply press the number 5 to remove the voicemail from your inbox.

How do I turn off voicemail?

There are two ways to turn off your voicemail, depending on the settings you want.

For instance, to stop directing calls received to voicemail whilst you're on another call, pick up the phone and press #72 followed by the call button. Allow 30 seconds to pass, then hang up.

To stop directing all unanswered calls, pick up the phone and press #75 followed by the call button. Allow 30 seconds to pass, then hang up.

If you would like to delete a voicemail you will need to listen to it first by dialing into 171.  directly after listening simply press the number 2 to delete the voicemail from your inbox.

What will voicemail set me back?

It’s absolutely free – as it should be. And once it has been set up, you never have to miss a call again. Read more on how to activate your voicemail in the above FAQ's, and stay connected.