Call waiting

Find out how to enable, disable and use call waiting on our home phones


Frequently asked questions

What is call waiting?

Call waiting is a feature that lets you know if another caller is trying to get through to you while you’re chatting to someone else on the phone.


A quiet beep will play when a second call is coming in, and you’ll have the option to take it or ignore it.

How do you use call waiting?

1. When you’re on the phone, a soft Beep will alert you to an incoming call.


2. To ignore the new call, don’t do a thing – the caller’s experience will continue as usual.


3. If you’d like to take the new call, press R2 on your phone. The first call will be put on hold, and the second call will be answered.


4. If the second call is going to take a while, you can press R2 to switch between the two calls.


5. To finish your current call and talk to the other caller, press R1 after you have said your goodbyes.


What do you do if you don't have R1 and R2 buttons?


If you don’t have an R1 and R2 on your phone, you can press the Release (sometimes called Flash) button followed by the number 2 to put your first caller on hold and answer the new call.


In the same way, you can press the Release button and then the number 1 to put the second caller on hold.

How do you set up call waiting?

Enter *72 on your phone's dial pad and then press the Call button.


When you hear two beeps hang up - your call waiting will be set up.

How do you turn off call waiting?

Enter #72 on your phones' dial pad and then the Call button. Call Waiting will be deactivated.

Is there a charge for using call waiting?

There is no charge. It's absolutely free to set up and use.