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Here are some top tips that should help you to get the most from your recordings and mean that you never miss your favourite programmes.

Have you ever missed a programme you thought you had recorded? If so you might just need to check how much storage space you have free on your Horizon box.

Now you can manage and monitor the amount of storage space you have left on your box with the Disk space management feature – just follow these steps:

1.  Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control
2.  Select ‘Settings’
3.  Select ‘Diagnostic’ and press ‘ok’
4.  Select ‘Disk space’ (5th item listed)

This will tell you how much space you have used. There are a number of ways you can choose to manage your space.

Auto Delete

Your Horizon box is designed to ensure you never miss a future recording.To do this we have built in an Auto delete feature that manages your recordings when your Hard drive is almost full.

Your Horizon box will recognise that you do not have enough space to record a future recording and will then delete the oldest previously viewed recording

(A viewed recording is one that has been played, even for a few seconds).

Switch off Auto Delete 

By switching off ‘Auto Delete’ your box will never delete older recordings to make space for a new one. To switch off ‘Auto Delete’ simply change your settings to ‘Never Delete Recordings’ in the settings menu.

Follow these simple steps...

1 Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control

2 Select ‘Settings’ and press ‘OK’ for Preferences
3 Select ‘Disk Space Management’
4 Select ‘Never Delete Recordings’
5 Then click the ‘Return to TV’ button on your remote control or click BACK to clear menus
Protect your favourite recordings 

1. Select the recorded programme you wish to protect
2. Press OK and select the ‘Protect’ option from the menu list
3. This programme will now remain in your recordings until you wish to unprotect it

To unprotect a recording simply follow the above steps but select unprotect from the menu list this time.

The Auto Delete function does NOT delete your protected recordings.

If you switch off ‘Auto Delete’, don’t forget to check back on a regular basis to make sure you have enough space for your planned recordings.

Did you know?

If you are recording high definition movies they will take up more storage space than standard definition movies.

For example, if you record a movie in standard definition and it takes up 2.9GB of space. If you record the same movie in HD it will take up 6.5GB.

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