Troubleshooting and Error Codes


Power Consumption Set to Fast Start


Pair Remote to Sound System


Dolby Digital Settings


Troubleshooting help

Let's check your box's connectivity to our network by going into the diagnostics section of the box

You can get there by simply selecting settings and then diagnostics.There are two screens so ensure to scroll down

If you see a warning symbol on any of these connection steps then this is likely the cause of your fault A quick reboot is always a good first step to resolve any fault but if you have already done this and still have the issue then its best to contact us so we can help you resolve the fault .

Error Codes

Error Codes are the best indicator of exactly what is causing your fault. Below are list of the most common and the steps to resovle

CS9995, CS9996 CS 3500, CS3510, CS3400, CS9993

Displayed when attempting to access Replay/Boxsets & Movies or Apps on HDD or MRV when VM Hub is offline or Ethernet / Wi-Fi connection is not present.

Check power and RF connections to VM Hub and ensure Ethernet cable is securely connected if applicable.For 360 boxes connected over Wi-Fi, reconnect the box to Wi-Fi network from the “Network Settings” menu.


Displayed when the 360 box has poor or no signals present. 

Check that co-ax cable is securely connected.