Troubleshooting steps for Virgin TV remote control

How to test your TV remote and order a replacement


Things to check before you order a new remote

Firstly, check if your remote control is really broken. Could it just be that the batteries are dead? You can check this by opening the camera app on your smartphone, pointing the remote at the camera and press the Volume up button. If the batteries still have juice, you'll see a blue light from the remote on.

You can also check if your remote is paired correctly with your TV.

How to use your TV while you wait for your new remote

Did you know you can navigate channels from the buttons on your set top box? And if you have our Horizon set top box, you can use the Virgin TV Anywhere App as a fully-featured remote. 

Follow these steps to use the Virgin TV Anywhere app as a remote control:

  1. Install the Virgin TV Anywhere app
  2. Tap: Open Remote Control 
  3. Select your Horizon set top box from the list

Note: If you have a Horizon set top box and a separate hub installed, this won't be possible.

If you need further assistance with troubleshooting your remote control or to order a replacement please message us now and we will be happy to help.

If a replacement remote is ordered for you a one-off charge of €20 for the postage will apply to your next bill. Your order will be processed within two working days and delivery will be made to a Parcel Motel of your choosing.

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