Streaming TV from Virgin Media

Meet the new Streaming TV Box from Virgin Media. Our smallest, greenest set-top box yet that fits in the palm of your hand, delivering our amazing TV experience over Wi-Fi.

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FAQ's about the Streaming TV Box

What are the benefits of the box?

• No coax needed. The box connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, meaning that it is just plug and play and super portable within the home.
• Live TV, Recordings, Continue Watching, Replay, On Demand, Radio, Casting and pause Live TV
• The same amazing UI as VTV360
• Voice control
• Access to the usual Apps in 4K
• 2 ports, 1 button, 1 LED. Plug and Play installation
• Compatible with Smart WiFi Pods and future voice integration.
• The Mini Wireless box has award winning strong sustainability credentials with very low power consumption, little material used, made from 35% recycled plastics, and no single use plastic in packaging. Apollo was awarded with the Sustainability Award during the 2020 Digital TV Europe’s VideoTech Innovation Awards.
• Award Winning Design - Red Dot Award for Product Design


What is watchlist?

You can select your watch list in your TV menu. This will give you a selection across all of the platforms on your TV service.

How do I find the TV Apps on my Streaming TV?

Simply press menu on your remote control, select Apps and press OK. Here you will find all of the Apps that are on your box.

How do I use voice control?

Say it, see it. No one likes typing with a remote control. That’s why our remotes come with an inbuilt microphone. Just say what you want to search for, you give the command and Voice Control will do the rest.