Functions and Navigation

Here is all the tips and tricks of your new box...


TV Guide

Meet your sofa sherpa. Virgin TV 360’s super-slick, super-simple Guide makes finding your way round a doddle so you spend less time looking and more time watching. Plus, it works exactly the same way whether you’re on your main TV, phone or tablet You can navigate in single programme intervals using the left and right arrows or in 24 hour intervals using the rewind << and fast forward buttons >>. You can move up and down the Guide in single channel steps using the arrow buttons or jump one page at a time using the channel up and down buttons. You can also change the Guide view from “All Channels” to the genre of your choice for faster searching. To change day or genre press the Home button from within the Guide.

How do I find the radio?

Check out the below video on how to access the radio feature:

How do I find my favourite channels?

Great news, we have made it even easier for you to get the most out of your HD channels by grouping them all together.

While this is a much better layoutthan our previous box and ensures you can keep watching HD content where possible, this means however, some channel numbers are now different to what you may have been used to previously.

For example Sky Sports News SD on our Horizon 3 box was on channel 408, on TV360 that same channel is under channel number 457, with Sky Sports News HD now at 408.

If you can’t find a specific channel, you can always use voice search to bring you straight to the HD version of that channel.

If you are looking for an SD version of the channel you can need to navigate through the TV guide or press the new channel number.


Catch up & Replay TV

Replay TV is available on an endless list of channels and a great feature of the new box is the ability to customize what replay channels you can see in your guide

Find all the stuff you missed right here or hit the mic button and say “Replay”


Go to “Saved” for all your recordings, Watch lists, and to pickup any programmesor rented films you’ve started watching. You can now record 6 programmes at the same time while watching a 7th.

How do I delete a recording?

Check put the below video on how to delete a recording:

How do I check my hard drive usage?

Check put the below video on how to check hard drive usage:


Boxsets and Movies

On Demand TV is a world of entertainment - including your favourite boxsets blockbuster movies and Virgin Exclusives. You can take your time enjoying them because they're available for a week after they first air

Find tons of binge worthy Box Sets to watch on demand, and rent the latest films


You’ll find apps like YouTube, Netflix and some games here.  We have also recently added Amazon Prime Video!!