Six Apps We Wish We Had In School

Pack your bags, make the sandwiches and shine those shoes up good and proper - it’s the first week of September, which means school is once again very much in session! And while this time of year definitely brings back memories of our school days, it’s fair to say plenty has changed - boy, are we feeling old thinking about it! If nothing else, we reckon kids these days have things an awful lot easier right now because of the phones in their pockets - and the truly incredible things they can do. Just imagine having these apps at your disposal when you were swotting up; things would have been a whole lot simpler…



Available on Android and iOS


No more straining for the cúpla focail or searching for a few bon mots; this outstanding app can handle just about any language you could wrap your tongue around! It certainly beats flicking through a dictionary - or, shock horror! - learning things off by heart, even if we’re pretty confident any teacher worth their salt wouldn’t approve…





Available on Android and iOS


Augmented reality has some pretty extraordinary uses, and while this one probably isn’t the most extreme we guarantee it’d be the most use during art class! It projects an artificial image onto a surface, so that - holding the phone in one hand and a pen in another - you can essentially trace an image there and then - Picasso watch out!





Available on Android and iOS


Sure, a good ol’ mathematical calculator could do the job - but this nifty number can make the whole process a little easier to navigate. Featuring a whole load of unit converters, calculators and other functions, it will make mince meat of maths questions and answer accounting queries at the touch of a button; it all adds up to a pretty easy time…





Available on Android and iOS


Socrates was a Greek philosopher who was pretty fond of asking questions; the app that bears his name is more interested in answering them. The most extraordinary thing about this is the range; it could be an English query, a maths puzzle, or a science tester, but it has a massive database of teacher-supplied answers for just about everything…





Available on Android and iOS


Another app-of-all-trades, this clever creation uses crowdsourcing to allow users to ask and answer millions of questions. It’s got a massive team of moderators to keep an eye on the accuracy, too, so it’s not the blind leading the blind, and there’s something comforting about knowing you’re not the only one stumped by a particularly testing question!





Available on Android and iOS


Let’s be honest - you’re not paying diligent attention the whole time, and scrolling through the ‘gram beats staring out the window. Just don’t get caught!



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