Take A Byte – Seven Things We LOVE About Apple’s New Gadgets

For tech-heads the world over, the annual Apple product launch in Cupertino is one of the biggest days of the year, and the most recent event didn’t disappoint.

With Tim Cook as the host with the most, the company unveiled everything from the biggest iPhone EVER to a watch that’s almost as smart as your doctor! So just before we start writing our letters to Santa – you can’t be too early with these things! – we’ve worked out why we’re so psyched for the fruits of their labour to hit the shelves…



We’re accustomed to getting a new model of the iPhone every year – but this announcement was thrice as nice! The iPhone Xs (pronounced like ‘tennis’, before you call it an ‘excess’!), the iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr were all unveiled; whether you want a supersized screen or a crazy colour, just about every box has been ticked!



Now that we’re watching movies and TV on our phones almost as much as we are at home, a sizeable screen is a must. The boys in Cupertino must have heard that too – because the iPhone Xs Max boasts a whopping 6.5 inch screen – the largest an Apple phone has ever had.



If you’ve never accidentally dropped a phone, then it probably means your fingers are made of Velcro; for everyone else, it’s a fact of life! That’s why knowing the snazzy new models are encased in the most durable glass ever, and designed to survive in everything from water to a pint of beer (hey, it could happen!) means we’re a little less nervous about our butterfingers causing breakages!  



A sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometres thick – so when you consider that the circuits on the new A12 Bionic chip are just SEVEN NANOMETRES apart, it tells you what sort of precision these guys are dealing with! In practice, it’s going to be impressive too; it not only means the new phones will be rapid, and the graphics sharper than ever, but also that app developers will have a whole new world to explore with their inventions.



The iPhone X’s dual-lens camera is absolutely amazing – grabbing vivid video in the dark and taking portraits that are pretty much perfect. Three cheers, then, that the Xs and Xs Max will both have upgraded versions of the same tech, with the ability to make adjustments after you’ve snapped your shot – now that’s impressive!



If you fancy getting in on the fun but need to pinch pennies at the same time, the Xr is going to be a fab fit! With a snazzy new LCD display, a battery that will take serious beating, and even a range of funky colours, you’d be a fool to discount this wallet-friendly option!



For those who want more than phones, the new generation of Apple Watch is astounding. With a bigger display and microphone, with a speaker that’s twice as loud as before, there are improvements everywhere you look – but it’s inside that things have really stepped up. A new processor has doubled the performance speed, and new sensors can tell if your heartrate drops too low or becomes irregular. It can even call for help if you take a particularly hard fall – and to think watches used to just tell the time!



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