How do I set up my existing email address in Outlook Express?

Bringing your existing email address into Outlook Express just makes things easier. And, in keeping with that theme, we created this step-by-step guide to help you import your account without any hassle.


To set up your existing email address you will need to know your password and the incoming server details relevant to your email address provider.

1.      Start Outlook Express.

2.      Click on "Tools", "Accounts" and then select the Mail tab.

3.      Now select "Add" and then click on "Mail".

4.      Enter display name (this allows you to specify how you want your name to appear in the 'From' field in mails that people receive from you), then click on "Next".

5.      Now enter the email address, i.e. the address that you have been using to date, then click on "Next".

6.      You will then be asked for the server details:

    a.      The "My incoming mail server" field should already be set to POP3.

    b.      In the Incoming Mail Box. enter the server details to match your existing email address e.g.

    c.      In the Outgoing Mail Box. enter

7.      On the next screen, enter your account name and password. The account name is your existing email address and the password is that which was provided with your existing email address.

8.      Click on "Next", then "Finish".

Isn’t it nice having everything in one place?