How do I set up my existing email in Mac Mail?

ike the way Mac Mail works? You integrate UPC/Virgin Media Webmail accounts in seven simple steps. All you need is your password, the incoming server details of your email address provider and a few spare minutes. Let’s get you going:


1.      Start the Mac Mail client. The icon usually can be found in the dock on your screen, or the applications folder.

2.      If this is your first time using Mac Mail it will prompt you to enter your full name, email address and its password. The email address and password will be the same as you have been using to date.

3.      The next screen will ask you to enter the incoming mail details:

    a.      The "Account Type:" should be "POP".

    b.      The "Description" is how you will identify this account in your mail client.

    c.      The incoming mail server should be the server associated with your email address e.g.

    d.      The username should be your existing email address.

    e.      The password will match what you have been using to date.

4.      The next screen will ask you to enter the outgoing mail details:

    a.      In the "Description:" you enter what you want to identify the outgoing mail server by.

    b.      The outgoing mail server should be entered as

5.      The next screen will ask you to enter security details for the outgoing mail. You do not need to enter anything here, so just click "Continue”.

6.      The next screen will give you a summary of the email address details. Check these details to ensure everything has been set up correctly.

7.      If you are satisfied all the details are correct, you can click "Create" to finish the setup of your email address.

Pretty easy, no?