The Top Telly To Check Out In The Weeks Ahead

Lucy Liu: Why Women Kill

From rib-tickling comedy and deadly drama to shows really worth making a song and dance about, this season’s schedule is packed with the very best on the box – and you’d better believe we’re on top of the lot!


They all feature in the latest issue of PLAY magazine, which also gathers the greatest in gaming, streaming, films, podcasts, and just about everything else in the world of entertainment. But if you’re wondering what to tune into in the weeks ahead, start making a date with the couch right now...



Thursdays from September 10th, Sky One, Virgin TV 114


Quite possibly the cheekiest of chappies on the box, but with a cutting edge as sharp as a razor, you can always bank on the Bristol funnyman to bring the LOLs by the lorryload! Returning for the fourth season of his show, expect special guests, spectacular surprises, and enough topical commentary to make your head spin; if there’s one guy to find humour in just about everything, it’s this fella!



Weeknights, Dave, Virgin TV 122


If laughter is the best medicine, then prepare to think of Dave as the world’s best doctor – because a nightly dose of the funniest faces around is sure to cure what ails ya! For two weeks, each evening will be dedicated to a different gag-merchant, packed full of shows and specials that demonstrate why they’re amongst the best in the biz. Josh Widdicombe, James Acaster, Sara Pascoe and Katherine Ryan are just a few of the stars who’ll have their turn in the spotlight; if you’re crazy for comedy, then look no further!



Fridays, 9pm, Alibi, Virgin TV 151


Proof that some things always stay the same, this dark-as-night comedy spans three different generations – and three women with murder on their minds! With a blue-chip cast including Lucy Liu, and Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry pulling the strings, it’s whip-sharp and dripping with style; one of the season’s most anticipated arrivals, it’s appointment viewing!



Mondays, 9pm, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


Lisa McGee secured TV royalty status with Derry Girls – but if you were expecting another fun comedy as a follow-up, brace yourself! Together with husband Toby Beer, her latest is a very different story; a deliciously dark psychological drama packed with murder, tension, romance and intrigue, it’s tailor-made for those who like their nights in with plenty of thrills!



Thursdays from September 17th, Sky Witness, Virgin TV 124


Following the Fugitive Task Force of the Bureau, as they stay hot on the heels of criminals on the loose, the second season of this dynamic drama promises enough fireworks to light up even the darkest evening! Punchy police procedurals never get old – and with clever plots and cracking mysteries, this one ranks up there with the very best of them!



Tuesdays from October 6th, Sky One, Virgin TV 114


This reimagining of the timeless anthology series transports viewers to a whole new dimension – and it’s a decidedly stranger one than our own! From the spooky to the supernatural, it’s a show designed to keep you on tenterhooks, and with the peerless Jordan Peele amongst those pulling the strings you know you’re in for a treat!



Thursdays, 9pm from September 24th, Discovery, Virgin TV 208


A wild race through some of the world’s most hostile environments provides the focus for this extraordinary show, which sees the survivalist battle equally brave – or crazy! – opponents to escape first. The challenges are breathtaking in themselves, while the stunning sights and magnificent settings are a feast for the senses; the fact that you can enjoy them from your couch making it all the better!



Until September 20th, Eurosport, Virgin TV 423


Mountain climbs, madcap sprints, and the most gruelling event in global sport – it can only mean one thing! Slightly later than originally scheduled, the world’s most famous race returns, and while the crowds might be smaller, and the sun lower, the action promises to be as massive as ever. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for Dan Martin, leading the Irish charge!



Weekdays, 7pm, W, Virgin TV 160


The franchise has made it all over the world, but it might be at its very best Down Under – and the latest season might just be the most intriguing yet! 24 former contestants are battling it out for kitchen supremacy, and it’s not just the new judges that they need to impress; everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Katy Perry is tucking in – so won’t you join them?!



Saturdays, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


The stage is set for comedians, clowns, crooners and just about anything else you might imagine, as the annual extravaganza reaches the business end! If you’ve forgotten some of the fun and games the auditions brought, a special round-up episode will catch you up, before the live semi-finals test who’s really got what it takes to claim the crown! Simon might be missing it – but you definitely don’t want to!


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