The Top Movie Marathons For Costy Nights In

Christian Bale: The Dark Knight Rises

Ever since the clocks went back, it feels like something has changed; the nights are dark, and the evenings are long – and, in the current situation, even longer than usual! One thing that remains exactly the same, though, is the joy of diving into a good movie. And do you know what’s even better than finding a fabulous film to enjoy? Finding a whole bunch of them!


That’s why you’ll be tickled any number of colours by checking out the line-up on Virgin Movies, which includes some of the finest franchises in recent film history! So clear the calendar (of what, we hear you ask!), and make a double batch of popcorn; this is a list to last through even the longest of nights!



All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €3.99


Peter Jackson and co. weren’t watching the clock when crafting this epic series; The Fellowship of the Ring, the first in the series, weighs in at 178 minutes – and that’s the shortest one! If you’ve never seen them before, well, it’s high time you rectified that; if you have, then you’ll know just why the majestic magic of Tolkein’s classic tale deserves repeat viewings! What’s more, if you’re feeling up to it then the Hobbit prequels are also available on Virgin Movies; you’ll be fluent in Elvish by the time you’re done!




All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €3.99


The reputation for superheroes wearing lycra undies outside their pants? That one was actually well earned for a long time – and no small amount of credit for the change belongs to Christopher Nolan. Delivering a shake-up that would change the genre forever, the three films that make up the origin story of Bruce Wayne are deep, dynamic – and yes, suitably dark. The middle movies, complete with Heath Ledger’s staggering turn as the Joker, might be the most memorable, but as a three-punch combo this takes some beating!




All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €3.99


While the sorting hat might split people into four houses, there’s really only two categories that count here; those who’ve experienced the magic, and those who haven’t. The adventures of JK Rowling’s boy wizard hardly need introduction at this point, but if you saw the movies back in the day, drip-fed across a decade, then you might not realise how tightly knit the story is when taken in one go; while you might well get a kick out of the rapid aging of the child stars, the propulsive energy of the tale is altogether more remarkable!




All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €3.99


Cyberpunk sci-fi at its wild and wonderful best, this blend of mind-blowing action with mind-bending plot points is sure to keep any viewer on their toes! It influenced a generation of filmmakers and left an indelible mark on pop culture as we know it – but the fact that it remains, for the most part, uncopied and unequalled speaks for itself. Whether you enjoy special effects or something cerebral, this delivers on just about all fronts. Just one question remains; red pill or blue?!



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