Five Top Tips For Working From Home This Spring

Tips on Working from Home

Hitting the office isn’t quite what it used to be; these days, we’re as likely to be grafting from our box room as the boardroom! But your house doesn’t come with an IT department – meaning that you might need to roll your sleeves up to get your home sorted as a workplace.


We’re here to help with that, though; we’ve picked out a selection of suggestions on how to make working from home a home run. Read on and look forward to the quickest commute of your life…





OK, this one’s a no-brainer; your internet is going to need to be top-notch if you’re to eschew the office. Hooking yourself up with Ireland’s fastest broadband provider, then, seems like a good start! If you plan on sequestering yourself in a far-off corner of the house, meanwhile, consider a powerline adaptor; it will make sure your signal is strong wherever you decide to make your desk!





As tempting as it might be to bring a laptop to bed and work from beneath a duvet, it’s not going to help your productivity – or your sleep cycle, for that matter! Pick a spot to be your work space (one with few distractions), and you’ll stand a far better chance of getting places! It’s worth thinking about investing in furniture, too; an uncomfortable dining chair is a tough place to be for 40 hours a week! 





Conference calls with the American branch aren’t so fun when you’re landed with a whopping phone bill, and heading to the nearest internet café when you need to print something isn’t much craic either! Make sure you’ve kitted yourself out with all the gadgets you’ll need and things will run an awful lot smoother – and you can start by checking out 

Virgin Mobile for plans to suit your phone sitch!




Whether managing projects, communicating with colleagues, or having excellent photo-editing equipment to hand, the chances that you can get by with nothing more than a word processor are slim these days! Make note of the various apps and programmes you’re going to need, and load your computer with all the necessary; it’s all fun and games until you can’t open a zip file! 





The 9 to 5 might not be a requirement anymore – but there’s a reason the good old fashioned work day exists. Set hours for yourself, and take breaks just like you would in an office; for reasons ranging from productivity to mental health, it’s the best way to go. It also takes care of the very real problem that when you’re always “at work”, you should always be working – that’s just not how it goes!

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