The Real Deal – Six Docs To Knock Your Socks Off!

Members of the Navarro squad from Netflix series Cheer

Are you the type of person who lies awake at night, wondering what life is like inside a junior college cheerleading squad? Probably not. Find yourself daydreaming of what goes on behind the scenes of a League One football club? It’s OK if your answer is no – for now, at least!


That’s because there are documentaries that will make it happen, and probably in less than one episode! From exclusive Box Sets to notable Netflix standouts, we’ve pulled together six of the most dynamic docs you can watch right now; settle in for some terrific true-life shows you’re going to love!



Season 1 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Greg Whiteley shot to fame as the maker of Last Chance U, the engrossing Netlfix series going behind the scenes of a junior college football team. Well, he’s worked his magic again, but this time in the world of competitive cheerleading. Less pom-poms, more pyramids, it’s an extraordinary window into a weird and wonderful scene you never knew existed – and one you’ll be hooked on before you can say “Ready?! OK!!”




Season 1 available now on Virgin Box Sets


A deep dive into Ireland’s busiest policing district – The K in county Dublin – has proven one of the most compelling shows of the year; gritty, emotional and action-packed in equal measure. Pulling no punches, get ready to see the Gardaí as you never have before, as the combination of unprecedented access and unpredictable circumstances produce drama that even the best scriptwriter on the planet would struggle to dream up!




Seasons 1 & 2 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


When a production company made up of lifelong Sunderland fans decided to make a doc about their club, it was meant to be the story of redemption, as they bounced back to the Premier League following relegation. It didn’t work out that way. With impressive access – and some serious candour from those at the heart of things – it’s a must-see for non-footy fans; for those who love the game, it’s nothing short of required viewing…




Season 1 available now on All4


Professional wrestling is an odd industry at the best of times; when things turn ugly, however, it gets increasingly bizarre. Shining a light on everything from doomed relationships and deadly disputes to the most famous on-air controversy in the history of the sport, it combines interviews, archive footage and reenactments to tell the tales. You might never have heard of these stories before, but you’ll be glad you get to find out!




Season 1 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


It’s not the only superb series dealing with a drug crisis in the US – shoutout to The Pharmacist, also available on Netflix! – but this recent arrival has certainly grabbed attention in recent weeks. A story of corruption, addiction, and the crippling of a criminal justice system, there are parts that are almost unbelievable; when we call this one a jawdropper, trust us that we’re not exaggerating!




Season 1 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


No list of documentaries this year could be without the one that’s got the world talking. How they managed to fit everything into seven episodes is a miracle; from Joe Exotic’s love life to Carol Baskins’ luck in marriage, there’s enough material to create months of programming. Suffice to say that what we’ve been given is a shocking, scandalous and surreal story you’ll obsess over for weeks!



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