Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing? Record Four Shows While Recording The Fifth!

Red Rock

There’s only so many hours in the day – that’s a fairly old nugget, right there. But the sheer quantity of trail-blazing, hair-raising entertainment to keep on top of? Now that’s something new entirely!


Thankfully, the cracking capabilities of the Virgin Media Horizon Box is up to the task of making sure customers don’t have to miss out, allowing you to record up to four shows simultaneously – while watching a fifth! So whether you’ve a house full of fussy viewers, or just wide-ranging tastes, schedule clashes will be a thing of the past.


And if you’re wondering when you might test it all out – well, how does tonight strike you?! Come 9.30 this evening, you’ll be glad…




Mondays @ 9pm, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


Well, the loose ends are really starting to get tied up now! As the series speeds towards conclusion we've already seen Detective Walsh go down – but that's nothing compared to the fireworks promised before the season is out! What does the future hold for Keith? What’s Sharon up to now she’s back? And…well, you get the idea! Keep a stiff drink at hand – your nerves will be shot after this one...






Mondays @ 9.30pm, BBC One, Virgin TV 108


Now firmly entrenched on the light entertainment sofa, Norwich's finest export has comprehensively knocked it out of the park on this run - and we're far from done. While there may not be any more fenian balladry (and whether that's a good or bad thing, you can decide for yourself), we can all but guarantee there'll be more cringeworthy comments, crazy characters, and plenty of 24-carat comedy gold...






Monday @ 9pm., BBC 2, Virgin TV 109


So, er, yeah. This thing again. The political saga that may never conclude will likely be spoken of until the end of time, but this account from the eye of the storm might be the best telling so far; Political Editor at the Beeb, nobody has been closer to the movers and shakers than Kuenssberg. And so, a combination of unprecedented access, unseen footage and some unlikely behind-the-scenes views bring the whole mess into a whole new light...






Mondays @ 9pm, FOX, Virgin TV 126


'The Calm Before' was about as wild as it what on earth is the storm going to be like?! The season finale of the zombie epic rarely disappoints, and with the body count stacking up before we've even reached the crescendo, we're bracing ourselves for an extraordinary hour this time around. It seems as though nobody is safe these days - so light a candle for your favourite and get ready!






Monday @ 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event, Virgin TV 401


With the international break done and dusted, the small matter of the Premier League resumes - and two teams with contrasting fortunes face off in a vital tie. Arsenal are hunting a top-four finish, but know that any slip-up could hand their nearby rivals an opportunity; Newcastle, meanwhile, are hovering dangerously close to the relegation zone. A must-win for both sides, then...and that's not how football works, so there's going to be some drama here!


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