Four of the Craziest Things to Happen in Fortnite in the Last Fortnight!

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed out on the latest (and greatest) online gaming craze to take the world by storm this year: Fortnite!


It’s one of the most popular games of all time, and for good reason too; as well as being an addictive mash-up of massive multiplayer madness and quirky cartoon graphics played out over a seemingly endless open-world map, it also has a knack for throwing its devoted fanbase a curveball or two, constantly evolving and keeping everyone guessing as to what is going to happen next! 


So whether you’re a Fortnite fiend or have been living somewhere off the grid and are dying to know what all the fuss is about, we’ve rounded up the craziest things to happen in Fortnite…in the last fortnight!  


High Stakes


If you thought the mayhem of Fortnite’s original game modes couldn’t be topped, well you can think again! Last week saw the introduction of the new “High Stakes” mode which sees you and your crew battling it out against your advesaries to secure huge diamonds from four safes scattered across the island. The first four teams to pack the precious cargo into the back of their vans stand to unlock a serious bag of rewards. So it’s time to suit up! 


Crazy Cube


It’s been two weeks since the giant purple cube emerged mysteriously from a rift in the sky and crash-landed in Paradise Palms. It’s been generating theories ever since, as it rolls around the map, emitting sound and lights which distort gravity and leaving strange prints wherever it goes. Is it heading for Loot Lake? And what will happen when it gets there? One thing we know is we’ll certainly have answers soon enough, with the release of season six nearly upon us!


Tomato Temple


Fortnite is already notorious for pulling the rug out from under our feet – or in other words, updating the world map and replacing older landmarks with more intricate areas, like the newly available Tomato Temple. Replacing the beloved Tomato Town with a giant Aztec pyramid sporting a Tomatohead sculpture on top, lush vegetation and an intricate underground area, the change comes with rumours that the island is going to be transported back in time for the next season. 


Summer Skirmish


A winner has been crowned king of the Summer Skirmish! Winning a whopping prize of $225k, the eight week tournament saw thousands of dedicated Fortnite fighters descend on the island to try and best each other in the classic battle royale game mode. Who ever said playing video games couldn’t pay off?