iPhone 11 Launch

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 11 launch


Every September Apple releases its batch of shiny new state of the art tech and this year is no different. This year’s launch brings with it more cameras, more colours and longer batteries. Sure what else would you expect from Apple at this stage?!



Not two, but THREE cameras


Apple have upped their game this year because when two cameras just weren’t enough,so they thought to add in a third for good measure. Both the 11 and Pro boast a Primary and Telephoto Camera but for when you can’t seem to get that friend who’s arm only manages to make it into the frame, the Pro gives you the ultrawide camera. The night mode has also improved dramatically this year to the point where you may not need to find the light in the corner of the room to get that right angle!


A13 the Bionic Beast


Apple’s promise for this year is a 40% more efficient processor and 15% saving on the display which means more time to catch up on the latest episode of your favourite tv show, and generally more time scrolling without running to the power bank.


Final frontier of charging


The iPhone 11 Pro also comes with an 18W USC-C charger which means realising 15 minutes before leaving the house that your battery is almost dead doesn’t mean you’re left in isolation for the day! This isn’t the same for the out of the box for the 11, which still has the 5W output and the same traditional USB-A cable.


Spatial Audio


Dolby Atmos is being added to this year’s selection of iPhones. So if you’re the type who ignores that ‘caution volume too high’ message on your phone or if you’re just looking for that surround sound feel about a home cinema then iPhones latest improvements will sit well with you!



Don’t forget the Plus


Apple also revealed at their launch the much-anticipated date and price for their venture into the streaming world and is due to launch November 1. Looking forward to it already!


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