Get Involved – The Interactive Shows You Should Check Out

Ellie Kemper starring in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt special Kimmy vs The Reverend

This week has been marked by the reemergence of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and there’s something a little different this time! The hilarious sitcom has now taken the form of a choose-your-own-adventure special – so if you like your giggles gamified, you’re in for quite the treat!



You can catch the special episode, ‘Kimmy vs. The Reverend’, right now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999. But while you’re there, why not check out a few more phenomenal efforts where you get to make the rules? Grab your remote and hold on tight; here’s a selection of shows where you can call the shots!



Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Black Mirror has long established itself as a franchise that revels in going against the grain – so we probably shouldn’t have been all that surprised when the anthology unveiled this cracking concept episode! The tech horror that has become the show’s calling card is certainly present and correct, but so too are a swathe of unusual treats – not least its meta-narrative about control and free will.


Charlie Brooker is a dab hand at giving viewers plenty of food for thought, and if you haven’t already gobbled up this deliciously dark and impressively inventive film, you’ll find yourself with plenty to chew on – regardless of what decisions you make along the way!




Season One available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


For years, Bear Grylls has done a flawless job of navigating some of the most treacherous terrain and terrifying conditions the planet has to offer – though we dare suggest his most daring move is to let us take charge! This engrossing show does indeed put the viewer in the box seat, as you make the choices of when to jump or rappel, when to set camp or keep going, whether to climb up or climb down, and all other manner of life-or-death decisions.


We can promise you that Bear remains unharmed – but that doesn’t mean your adventure might not end prematurely if the right decisions aren’t made! It’s also completely kid-friendly, which means that your junior adventurers can get their hearts racing without leaving the couch!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


The sight of the criminal mastermind is sure to be nostalgic for viewers of a certain age – but prepare to see her in a whole new way! Attractively animated, it’s a long way from the rudimentary PC game, while the slick story replaces the educational twist of the source material with top-notch entertainment!


When ‘wrong’ choices are made, it eventually corrects itself – meaning younger viewers won’t be frustrated in attempting to make it to the end – while the endgame scenarios do a fine job of tying together the different paths you might have taken to get there; in short, it’s an adventure that’s out of this world!



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Standard Tuning

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While you might not be able to add to your list of gigs anytime soon, there’s reams of new releases to slot into your rotation of go-to records – and some of them are truly special. Fiona Apple’s Fetch The Bolt Cutters earned the first perfect review on Pitchfork for almost a decade, while Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20 has been hailed as a hip-hop album for the ages. Throw in the aforementioned Laura Marling’s mesmeric Song For Our Daughter, Soccer Mommy’s superb color theory, the electrifying – and almost eponymous – I’m Your Empress Of, and you’ll have plenty to swot up on before next year’s festival season rolls around!





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