Harrow – Why You Should See The Wonder From Down Under!

New TV Drama Harrow

With the exception of a pair of teatime staples, we don’t find ourselves looking to the land of Oz for top telly – but we’re more than happy to break that habit for Harrow! A smart and sharp show following a forensic pathologist, the first season of the drama is now available on Virgin Box Sets, and it’s perfect for your next binge-watching session. Read on to find out why…




Despite being an Australian production, the starring role of Dr Daniel Harrow is filled by a Welshman – the fabulous Ioan Gruffudd. He might terrorise anyone who have to try and pronounce his name, but he’s nothing short of perfect here; intense, brooding and quietly intelligent, he embodies the show’s central character in fascinating fashion.





Given the nature of forensic pathology, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that intrigue tends to wrap itself around this show like the layers of an onion! With just as much procedural drama as the best police shows, there’s loads to sink your teeth into, and the flair with which the show handles the age-old whodunnit element will keep you hooked ‘til the last…





Weighing in at a streamlined ten episodes the series certainly isn’t bloated, and the pacing throughout is outstanding – there’s quiet contemplation, hair-raising action, and just the right amount of precious information imparted in each episode. The result is a show that screams “just one more” every time the closing credits roll…which means having the entire season at your fingertips is pretty handy!





We couldn’t profess to being masters of Australian geography, but we know one thing for sure; Brisbane certainly plays its part! Twinkling in twilight, it provides the perfect world for a show that saves many of its most enjoyable moments until under cover of darkness. No great TV show is complete without a sense of place, and that box is comprehensively ticked here!





An ex-wife and daughter, a love interest, and a collection of colleagues who all have their own nuances and complexities – Harrow ain’t alone here! A well-realised cast of supporting characters means there’s rarely a dull moment for our dynamic doc – which suits us just fine…




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