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New year, new box set! It’s still pretty nippy out there so sitting in by the fire in front of some good quality TV is a must.

Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic, an action junkie or a historical drama fiend, there’s bound to be something for you this season. We’ve rounded up the latest additions to the Virgin Box Set lineup for you to have a look, take your pick and press play!

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Virgin Media Ireland

This renowned British period drama follows the dramatic lives of the staff of Downton Abbey and the people they serve, through love and war. Grandparents, parents and even the older kids will enjoy this one, with it’s fascinating historical context and stunning costume design.

Available: Seasons 1-3 from 1st January
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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Virgin Media Ireland

In this groundbreaking update of the 1970s original, robots and humans are locked in a brutal, intergalactic war. Introducing all-new elements of philosophy, human drama and psychology to the Galactica story, this one’s essential for sci-fi fanatics.

Available: Seasons 1-5 from 1st January
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Based on the videogame of the same name, Defiance stars Dexter’s Jaime Murray and Julie Benz in a series that delves into a completely altered landscape on Earth in the middle of the 21st century. Aliens and humans must try to coexist, but as you can imagine, not everyone’s in a neighbourly mood!

Available: Seasons 1-3 from 1st January
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Grimm Virgin Media Ireland

In this quirky, funny crime/fantasy, a Portland homicide detective discovers that he is a descendant of the Grimm warriors and that must defend his city from supernatural forces as well as the regular hoodlums. If you think that police procedurals don’t have enough oddball humour or fairytale monsters, this is the show for you!

Available: Seasons 1-4 from 1st January
If you like this you might also like: Smallville, The X-Files

Of Kings and Prophets

Based on the biblical Books Of Samuel and filmed in Cape Town, this epic series follows the successive Kings of Israel on a collision course with destiny that will ultimately change the future of the Kingdom forever. Recommended regardless of whether you go to Mass!

Available: Season 1 from 1st January
If you like this you might also like: Game Of Thrones, Galavant


The Whispers

Children are the focus of this creepy American drama, or should we say the children's’ imaginary friend named Drill! Drill communicates with the children and bribes them to play his secret games in return for rewards he promises. Follow Claire Bennigan, an FBI child specialist as she investigates the sinister and bizarre case. (Shudder.)

Available: Season 1 from 13th January
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Off The Map

This offbeat American medical drama follows the story of Dr. Lily Brenner who works at an understaffed medical clinic in the South American jungle. Joined by a group of doctors, all running away from problems at home (and almost all photogenic), the team must learn to save lives in one of the most challenging medical environments. Expect heart problems of the medical and emotional variety.

Available: Season 1 from 14th January
If you like this you might also like: Grey’s Anatomy, ER


Captain America: Civil War is available now on Virgin Movies.

After a year that’s brought us Fox’s Deadpool and DC’s Superman V Batman:  


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