Five Fantastic Prank Apps You Need For April Fools’ Day

Prank Apps for April Fools' Day

It’s the time of year where confusing, surprising or even scaring your nearest and dearest is all the rage…no, not Valentine’s Day! April 1st is just around the corner, which means that up and down the country the most mischievous minds are plotting their moves for April Fools’ Day!


Things have come a long way since the Whoopie Cushion, though; these days, you want tech at your disposal to really get a prank going. So grab your phone and make sure you’re equipped to quip with the best of them; this lot won’t see you wrong…




Available on Android and iOS


This, we absolutely love – especially now that most things in our lives have gone digital! Turning appliances on and off, flashing the lights, raising and lowering volume – get this gadget and you can control a room from the palm of your hand! Added bonus; once the creepiness is over, it’s actually dead handy – the real fool would be the one who goes without it anyway!




Available on Android and iOS


Look, did we say this was going to be a list of sensible, smart apps that were going to improve your life in unimaginable ways? No, we didn’t. This one can make it sound like someone has broken wind. In 31 different ways. It’s unlikely that it’s ever going to be number one on your most-used list – but maybe it could be number two…we’re really sorry.




Available on Android and iOS


This one was designed with the very proper intention of helping protect your privacy – but it didn’t take long for cheekier users to start having fun! With the ability to have your call show up from a different number – and even disguise your voice once you’re connected – it’s an easy way to have some phone-based fun at someone else’s expense!




Available on Android and iOS


If your idea of a successful prank is scaring the bejaysus out of someone, then this is the app for you! From having ghosts “appear” in the background of photos to utilising music and special effects to create your own creepy efforts, it’s one impressive hand-held horror hit!




Available on Android and iOS


While it’s positioned as a game (and, for some slightly high-strung users, a stress reliever), the realism of the ‘damage’ you can do with this one makes it pretty easy to convince someone that a screen has bitten the dust. Feigning super-strength is one option, but we reckon the more inventive pranksters out there will find plenty of uses!


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