Survive The Mid-Term Madness With These Amazing Apps

mid-term phone apps for kids

Alice Cooper warned us that schools would be out for the summer – but he never mentioned anything about a week in mid-February! Yes, the mid-term break is almost upon us – which means that up and down the country there are parents, babysitters, and a whole lot more preparing for a week of entertaining, distracting…and generally not losing their minds!


To that end, we’ve selected a handful of the handiest apps for the week ahead, so that you might handle the mini-holiday as painlessly as possible. Load your phone up with these bad boys and you’ll be sitting pretty; read on for our ultimate survival guide…




Available for Android and iOS


Restlessness on a car journey, fights for the remote control and missing your must-watch shows while on the go will all be a thing of the past! There’s a ton of films and box-sets for the kids available at your fingertips – and if your main screen has been commandeered, then you’ll be able to keep an eye of your favourite shows without risking a mutiny in the ranks!




Available for Android and iOS


A new arrival on the gaming scene – and one well-tailored to recent conditions, too! – is this delightfully retro number, which promises to be the most wonderfully wintery adventure a kid can enjoy without a few inches of fresh powder on the ground! There’s four different worlds, and an array of big bad boss levels – the hours will fly by as quickly as the snowballs!




Available for Android and iOS


OK, so the beach basket isn’t likely to get a run-out, but the great outdoors is bound to be calling – and in case you missed it, it’s been a bit dodgy this month! Bagging an app that might just be the most powerful and well-resourced weather app out there is a bit of a no-brainer, then, if you fancy running around without dealing with the rain!




Available for Android and iOS


Keeping the youngsters quiet and balanced? That could be tricky. But whether it’s getting a good night’s sleep, a quick ten minute break, or simply moving towards a more relaxed state of mind, this impressive offering will guide you through short meditation sessions that can take some of the stress out of the situation!



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