Five Reasons We’re Already Hooked On Blood

The most anticipated Irish drama of the year kicked off on Monday – and boy, was it worth the wait! Blood, airing every Monday at 9pm on Virgin Media One (Virgin TV 103), is the type of tension-filled thriller that has immediately become appointment viewing for its six-episode run; here’s five reasons why it took no time at all to have us hooked!

New Drama Blood



Questions surrounding the death of the Hogan matriarch provide the core of the show – and we’re just as stumped as amateur sleuth Cat is! The truth about her death isn’t the only secret lurking in the shadows either, with loads to keep us guessing throughout the first episode, so we’d be willing to bet there’ll be more where that came from as the series rolls on!





While we’re obviously eager to get to the bottom of the story, it can’t happen too quickly –  and the first instalment suggests that it’s going to be a perfectly paced journey to the truth. A tension-filled treat that slowly reveals itself is television at its best, and the writing of Red Rock alum Sophie Petzal is intriguing without jumping the gun; we’re in it for the long haul!





Adrian Dunbar has a CV that compares to any actor in this country, but he’s far from the only spectacular performer on show. From Londoner Carolina Main – who nails the Irish accent so comprehensively you’d believe she never set foot outside of Westmeath – to Grainne Keenan and Diarmuid Noyes as the rest of the Hogan clan, it’s an acting masterclass all round!





The Irish countryside is the setting for the show, filmed largely in Kildare and Meath – and doesn’t it look well?! With overhead shots and panoramic views utilised by director Lisa Mulcahy, it’s a visually delightful slice of Irish life, that looks every bit as accomplished as the fare we’re used to seeing from overseas. Which is significant in its own right, because…





There are a ton of devilishly good dramas on the box these days – but not all that many that we can claim as our own. For this reason, the fact that we have a superb homegrown drama (and one that already has US, UK and European broadcasters licking their lips!) is not to be sniffed at; from the accents and the countryside to the less-than-honest Garda, it’s as Irish as it gets!  



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