The Wearables Everyone Will Rock In 2019

Best Wearable Tech 2019

If putting things in your pockets just seems so 2018, then you’re in luck; this year, more than ever, technology is being integrated with what we wear. From physical fitness to avoiding a networking faux-pas, getting dressed won’t just be about looking good from now on – it’ll set up your entire day! Check out the glam gadgets you’ll be gearing up with over the next twelve months…



If you’ve ever wondered how much can be squeezed behind a watch face, then prepare to have your mind blown; this one covers every base you could think of. From monitoring your workouts to paying for purchases, you’ll wonder why you ever carried a wallet – and since Virgin Mobile are now offering it free with the Huawei P20 Pro, you could be strapping it on in no time!




Remember pedometers? They’re something of an after-thought now that our phones can count our steps – but a pair of runners that analyse your jogs like a good track coach are something else entirely! This Under Armour range are capable of providing feedback to even the most committed of athletes – and the fact that they look pretty sharp is a bonus, too…




This might be the ultimate (of what, we’re not sure), but a wearable to make sure you look your best in your birthday suit isn’t something you see every day! L’Oreal, and their skincare brand La Roche-Posay are responsible for this little lad, which measures the pH of your skin and recommends what you should be doing to keep in and around the perfect level!




Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone’s forgotten a name (or face!) from time to time. And, so, enter this lifesaver! Developed by OrCam, it takes photos of people when you meet them and organises them into handy folders, meaning you can work a room like never before! It’s not exactly spy technology, so there’s a chance someone will spot it – but if you’ve got a handy cover story you should be gold!




Pain relief without the prescription, this gadget could well establish itself as a genuine medical marvel. The Fitting around the calf, it usese nerve stimulation to reduce discomfort; we could get into the nitty gritty of enkaphalins and neurotransmitters, but who’s got time for that?!



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