Travel Podcasts To Get You In The Holiday Mood

Best Travel Podcasts Summer 2019

It’s the time of year to buy stocks in sunblock, suitcases and those funny neck pillows people only use on planes – it’s summer holiday season! If you’re anything like us, you’ll have your bags packed and waiting by the front door already, but some people might need a little more encouragement to get in the mood.


Well, we’ve got one surefire way to stoke the travelling spirit; by checking out some podcasts perfect for priming you to hit the road, seas or sky! Grab your mobile and subscribe to some of these shows; you’ll be pawing the ground before you know it…




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This amazing show originates in Australia – not that it matters, when globetrotting is the name of the game! Ben Groundwater is the host with the most, while the focus includes everything from episodes on specific locations and suggestions on the spots you need to see to survival tips for the longest of long-haul flights – the full package, then!




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If you fancy seeing the world – but also need to watch the pennies – then this is the podcast for you; a guide to building your travel resumé on a budget! From how to pack like a pro to how to bag some cheap accommodation, it’s full of cracking advice – with a whole pile of awesome anecdotes, incredible interviews, and loads more to leave you longing for far-flung places…




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There’s barely a corner of the world that Jackie Nourse hasn’t seen up-close and personally – and thankfully she’s pretty happy to share those experiences on a fortnightly basis! There’s loads of practical tips to go with the constant supply of inspiration, while the podcast’s root as a budget-friendly show means you won’t need to break the bank either!




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He didn’t waste time on the name, granted – but that’s probably because he was busy travelling! You might be familiar with the host already – a decorated author and TV presenter, he’s more than earned his stripes – and with almost 600 episodes of his podcast in the bank, you can be pretty confident that tips on your destination of choice are only a click away…




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It’s a niche one, granted – but who doesn’t love a foamy brew on their travels? A pair of connoisseurs talk us through Europe with a very particular focus – where the best drinks are, where to find them, how to enjoy them, and other beer-based bits ‘n’ pieces. There’s a little more to it, of course – from sights worth seeing to where one should sleep it off – though there’s no doubting the main fixation!



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