It’s Podcast Time – The Shows To Suit Your Schedule

Best short and long podcasts

If you listened to every podcast people recommend to you, you’d have time for precious little else – and we’ve all got busy lives these days! Plan wisely, though, and you’ll find your perfect podcast fit; whether you’ve got a few minutes during your morning commute, a lunch hour at work to fill, or a long-haul flight to pass, we guarantee there’s a show to suit!


So grab your mobile and get subscribing; these are the podcast pals you’ll be passing the minutes – and hours! – with this summer…




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An Aussie love story told through voicemails, most episodes of this wonder from Down Under clock in under ten minutes – meaning even the busiest of schedules should accommodate! It’s a good-things-in-small-packages deal, too, as it actually packs a pretty decent amount of emotion and character building into each portion!




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The New York Times know their news – and also know how busy life can be. That’s why this boiled-down bulletin never goes beyond 20 minutes; perfect for a short walk to work! It’s not just US news either, so your handle on everything from climate change to cricket might just improve!




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30 minutes of the latest and greatest in entertainment, Virgin Media’s contribution to the podcast scene is stuffed with interviews, reviews, previews and more! The latest episode features Love Island’s Georgia Steel, soccer ace Niall Quinn, Strictly’s AJ Pritchard and Ireland’s own Jessie Buckley – yeah, we’ve got some friends in high places!




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A show with a penchant for the petrifying, these fellas don’t just deliver comedy crackers, but do so by the bucketload; there’s more than 370 of these hour-plus episodes to work your way through! There’s also a series of Side Stories to sink your teeth into – so you won’t be running out of material for quite a while!




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Long established as the most famous voice in MMA, Rogan is also one of the biggest figures in podcasting – and one of the most prolific to boot! For ten years he’s been turning out long-form episodes, with the sort of guestlist that would give any broadcaster on the planet a run for their money; athletes, politicians, scientists, actors, he’s got the lot!



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