Fears For Your Ears – The Spooky Podcasts You Need To Hear

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When it comes to horror, we’ve all done our movie marathons and series screenings. But, just like everything else, the scares are now headed straight for your headphones, with a host of horrifying podcasts to make your hairs stand on end.


So whether you’re commuting to work or curling up on the couch, we’ve selected some blood-curdling listens to give you the chills…



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With professional voice actors churning out original horror tales, this is an anthology series to send shivers down your spine. Originating from a subreddit (great ideas can come from anywhere, after all!), and now with more than 200 episodes in the bag, there’s plenty to wrap your ears around!



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Exploring dark events from the past, this one is the audio equivalent to gathering around a campfire. Host Aaron Mahnke is a meticulous researcher and a masterful storyteller, while the fact that there’s a vein of truth behind everything simply adds to the chill factor!



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Presented as a radio show for a fictional desert town – meta, eh?! – this long-running series is more strange than scary. There’s plenty to unnerve, though, from the strange citizens to the plentiful paranormal activity. The fact that it sounds utterly divine? Well, that doesn’t hurt either!



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If you like a bit of ‘haha’ with your horror, then join Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and become a fully-fledged ‘Murderino’! True crime might provide the basis, but it’s in the hosts’ witty rapport – and their unbridled passion for discussing the macabre – that will keep you coming back. You’ve likely heard the hype already – and you can most certainly believe it!



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The mysterious disappearance of more than 300 people at a research facility in Texas forms the basis for this frightening fiction, presented as a series of radio reports. A TV series starring Jessica Biel is just about to land, in fact, so if you fancy being able to say you got there early, now’s the time to tune in!


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