Music Madness – The Sites And Apps All Fans Should Know!

Best Music Websites & Mobile Apps

It’s the time of year when even your mum and dad reckon they’ve recaptured their rockin’ youth, as everyone goes gig gaga! Whether it’s a three day festival, an outdoor extravaganza, or a cute family fun-day, music rules the summer – but that won’t last forever.


So what to do when the lights go off, the tents go down, and it’s back to the real world? Well, any self-respecting music fan has absolutely no excuse for not making every day a super sonic experience. Don’t believe us? We’ve pulled together a handful of the need-to-knows; these ones will keep you dancing for aaaages…



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If you’re an Apple Music advocate – or, indeed, a Deezer devotee, a Tidal person, or anything else besides – then fair enough. But in 2019, nobody should be without one of the top music streaming services, and in terms of interface and usability this one is still top dog. Welcome to the new age…




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Ever find yourself wondering, “what’s that song?” Well, no longer; this app simply listens to what you’re hearing, and tells you exactly what it is! It’s been around for a while, but it’s grown over time, too – now including lyrics, links to YouTube videos, link-ups to your streaming services, and loads more besides…




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This one’s the ultimate when it comes to staying ahead of the game; from alerts when your favourite artists are around, to in-app ticketing to make sure you don’t miss out, you’ll be rockin’ long beyond the summer months. It’s another one that’s branched out to tie in with other apps – another reason why it’s a perfect fit to add to your kit!




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A streaming service specifically designed for classical music junkies, this one probably isn’t for part-timers; if you hear “Beethoven” and think “dog”, it might not be for you. If, however, you fancy searching for specific conductors with specific orchestras – or, perhaps more importantly, appreciate crystal-clear sonics – then it’s a must-have!




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It’s not an app, but here’s a site that aboslutely should check in on from time to time – and we mean everyone. The past month alone has seen everyone from punk rockers Idles to the Sesame Street crew hit the headquarters of the US broadcaster to strut their stuff – along with our own Saint Sister for good measure! It’s an amazing way of discovering new acts, too…


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