Why You Should Check Out Your Favourite Podcasts Live

It’s hardly a secret that podcasts have taken over; from commutes to libraries and everywhere in between, everybody is tuning in to their favourite shows. This month, the Dublin Podcast Festival is bringing some of the best from home and abroad to stages around Dublin, with everything from super slices of chat like The Blindboy Podcast and The Adam Buxton Podcast to specialist shows like the nostalgia-fest Juvenalia to the music smackdown NO ENCORE.

And if you’re wondering why seeing your favourite show live is a must, we’ve picked out a handful of reasons to head along…

Dublin Podcast Festival


So you’ve spent hours – maybe even days! – of your life listening to your favourite hosts…and still have no idea what they look like! Sure, you think you know them now, but seeing them in the live arena is a completely different kettle of fish; you’ll have a brand new perspective every time you tune in! 



Special episodes of a podcast are just that – special. Whether it’s big name guests, a show tailored specifically to a local audience, or a whole load of interaction with the crowd, the best podcasts will provide a full-on night out. No different to a comedy act, a theatre performance or a gig, you’ll be getting a whole load of bang for your buck!



Despite what you might think, you don’t get to hear everything from a recording – and especially not when it’s live! There’s always tons of treats for fans in the venue, from visual gags or lengthy musical performances to chats that aren’t entirely fit for public consumption. Think of it as a director’s cut; if you want to hear everything, then heading along to see a recording is the only way to be sure of it!



This might just be the biggest one of all. Whether it’s in the car, on the train or while doing the hoovering, chances are you listen to your favourite podcasts on your own – and while that’s great, there’s nothing like meeting someone else who digs the same thing! Pop along to a show and you’ll be surrounded by other devoted followers, and from chats in the bar afterwards to social media banter in the weeks and months later, you could end up making podcast pals for life!



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