The Irish Podcasts You Need To Hear

Best Irish Podcasts

From sport and music to fashion and film, Ireland has always been known for punching above its weight – and even though podcasting might be a far newer trend, the same applies! Which is why, on this most Irish of weeks, it’s only right to salute the homegrown heroes flying the flag. So next time you’re wondering what should soundtrack your commute, you won’t have far to look; here’s six sensational Irish podcasts you need to hear…




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In PLAY magazine last year, the Rubberbandits funnyman told us the original plan was to do four episodes to promote his book (find that interview here); 70-odd shows later, it’s surely the biggest podcast in the land. While there’s a heady mix of interviews, short fiction and comedy, it’s perhaps his philosophical musings, political points and mental health discussions that are most popular…




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Arriving in weekly dispatches, the comedian and writer explores her own unique brand of anxieties. While guests do pop along for the ride, it’s the Cork woman’s own wit and wisdom that star here; whether pondering matters of ageing, sharing her experiences while campaigning during last year’s referendum or simply having the craic, she’s super company to help pass an hour or four!




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One of the newest arrivals on the national scene, it’s Virgin Media’s own one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest in entertainment. The first episode includes Mark-Paul Gosselaar discussing his new hit series The Passage and Lisa Cannon spilling the beans on her film favourites; throw in reviews and previews of the very best film and TV, some more special guests getting involved, and you’ve got a show with all the need-to-knows for those who fancy keeping their finger on the pulse!




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OK, so abroad means it’s not in Ireland – but Jarlath Regan gets away with it! Now domeciled in London, each episode sees the host joined by a famous Irish face – and from showbiz to sport, he tends to cover the lot! Interesting interviews and 100% Irish – what more could you ask for on St. Patrick’s Week?! As a bonus, it’s been going for years – meaning there’s mountains to get through if it tickles your fancy!




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Even if you’re not a history buff, we guarantee you’ll find Fin Dwyer’s show fascinating, because he’s determined to dive into the most intriguing corners of our nation’s past. Whether taking a fresh angle on the Great Famine, uncovering strange long-forgotten murders, or exploring the Norman invasion in enthralling detail, it’s a far cry from your school days!




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Esther O’Moore Donohoe welcomes guests who’ve been wonderfully successful – and that she’s 80% happy for! The other 20%? Well, the host herself admits to resenting the achievement, drive and ambition of others – so that explains it! The result is an interview show that’s every bit as funny and frank as its premise, and with guests ranging from Amy Huberman to Mario Rosenstock, the contributors aren’t half bad either!



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