Vote For Your Favourite Season of American Horror Story

This week sees the long-awaited return of the spookiest series on the box as American Horror Story begins its eighth season.


Beginning on Thursday at 10pm on FOX (Virgin TV 126), Apocalypse is the latest chapter of the anthology – and it looks like being an absolute smash, bringing some of our favourite faces from the Murder House and Coven series back to our screens!



It got us to thinking about the top seasons thus far and what the definitive power rankings of AHS should look like. That’s why we want you to vote for your favourite below – and then cross those fingers that Apocalypse will be your new No. 1 soon!



The Harmon family decided to move house in an effort to leave their troubles behind – which didn’t exactly work! The one that started it all, it boasted an incredible cast and delivered a first taste of the creepy style we’d come to know and love!





An insane asylum is always a chilling setting for a show, so it’s little surprise that the second run managed to dial the scares up to 11! With spooky supernatural elements around every turn, it was a macabre masterpiece…





High school was never quite like this! An Academy filled with those with links to the Salem Witch Trials was the location for the third go-round, which had humour just as wicked as the witches!





Back when The Greatest Showman was but a twinkle in a producer’s eye, this celebration of all things weird and wonderful had us enthralled! Fräulein Elsa might have put herself before her Cabinet of Curiosities, but to us they’re second to none!





The deliciously retro Hotel Cortez was home to all manner of unlikely events – though perhaps none as eyebrow-raising as the arrival of Lady Gaga to the cast! As ostentatious as it was original, it progressed to become one of the most heralded efforts in the canon…





Maybe we’d just become accustomed to fireworks – because there was something about the subdued atmosphere in this one that made it all the more spine-tingling! While there’s still lashings of style, it was the engrossing story that took centre-stage here; no bad thing, we say…





With impressive timeliness, the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election offered the perfect launchpad for a change in direction. No, there was no supernatural element this time around – but when Donald Trump is knocking about, who needs ghosts and ghouls?!


Which is your favourite season of American Horror Story?
Murder House
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