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Mum had her moment last month, and Dad is already counting down until June – but if all you brothers and sisters out there are wondering when you’ll have a time to shine, there’s not long to wait! Siblings Day (April 10th) fell this week, and to celebrate we’re bigging up a bunch of the brilliant bros and superb sisses from our favourite shows….



Modern Family, Friday at 8:30pm on Sky1 (Virgin TV 114)



While the Dunphy kids are great in their own right, it’s the siblings of the previous generation that have really captured our hearts! Being raised by Jay certainly guaranteed they’d be toughened up by the time they were grown, and they’ve managed to stay so close that you can’t help but be impressed…



The Crown, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)



When you’re literally The Queen of England, there’s probably not many people who can relate to your crazy life – so it helps to have someone in your family circle that you can rely on! Four years apart, the pair were almost inseparable growing up, and perhaps even more so when ‘Lilibet’, as her sister called her, took to the throne.




Jessica Jones, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)



Our Jess isn’t exactly the friendliest of souls (to put it mildly!), so her relationship with her adoptive sister is particularly important. One a superpowered vigilante, the other a former child star, they’re a definite odd couple – something that’s made especially clear in the thrilling second season unveiled last month…




A Series Of Unfortunate Events, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999)



Putting up with the fiendish plots of Count Olaf can’t be fun, but at least it serves as a bonding experience, right? The older pair are a good team when it comes to escaping scrapes – Violet the enterprising inventor, Klaus the booksmart tactician – while Sunny…well, her penchant for biting things comes in handy from time to time!



Black-ish, available now on Virgin Box Sets



Growing up as one of four is never easy – and when things are as lively as we’re used to seeing in the Johnson household, it can be pure chaos! From the twins’ rivalry to the decidedly different older pair, they don’t half have their own personalities; when push comes to shove, though, they stick together like only families can.






Alright, the start probably could have been smoother – family members don’t appreciate being known by numbers, you’ll find – but the half-sisters developed a full-blooded bond over time. In fact, each was exactly the type of person the other needed, and not just when medical emergencies came through the double-doors!



Supergirl, Mondays at 8pm, Sky 1 (Virgin TV 114)



Having a sibling from another planet is always a bit awkward, right? Even that Best Sister On Earth mug can’t get you out of a gift-giving bind! Of course, the fact that this pair now work together in saving the world bridges those gaps somewhat – and Alex butt-kicking agent in her own right means even the less-super sister is a force to be reckoned with!


Good things come in threes!

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