Six Super Creepy Apps That Horror Fans Will Love

There’ll be plenty of ghouls and goblins roaming the streets this week to celebrate Halloween – but you don’t even need to open your front door to get in the spirit of things! Load your phone up with these deliciously devilish apps and have a terrifying time…

Halloween Apps


Available for Android and iOS


This one does exactly what it says on the tin, and equips your phone with the means to pick up paranormal activity. Using electromagnetic field (EMF) and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) detection, it not only identifies the presence of a spirit but even translates its communication; now that’s creepy!



iPOE 1

Available for Android and iOS


From The Tell-Tale Heart to The Masque Of The Red Death, Edgar Allen Poe is responsible for some of the most iconic spooky stories ever written. This gadget puts a marvellous modern spin on things by using everything from sounds and vibration to special effects to bring the tales to life like never before….




Available for Android and iOS


With vivid visuals, a superb story, and ferocious fighting around every corner, this is one of the best horror games for mobile going. Waking up in a hospital, you have no idea how you arrived – and the biggest problem of all will be figuring out how to leave!




Available for Android and iOS


If you fancy creating eerie experiences of your own, then this is the app for you! From cloning yourself in photo and video to utilising music and special effect illusions, you can make your own spooky snaps and scary movies – who said Hollywood should have all the fun?!




Available for Android and iOS


Covering everything from films and comics to video games, TV shows and even music, this is a one-stop shop for those who want to keep on top of nightmarish news. With podcasts, videos, reviews, and plenty more besides, we promise you’ll be the most knowledgeable – albeit nervy! – horror nut around!




Available for Android and iOS


They didn’t spend all day thinking of the name, but makers of this one certainly put time into the questions! Four picture clues will help you towards each answer, all of which are predictably ghoulish. It ranges from the simple to the altogether tricky too, meaning everyone should be enjoy this one!



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