Six Essential Apps To Get You To Christmas

Essential Mobile Christmas Apps

Your phone can be your friend for the next fortnight, as the countdown to Christmas reaches fever pitch! Whether you want to make the most of the revelry or simply get everything out of the way, there’s apps aplenty to help you on your way; here’s six that should set you up nicely as the days tick by…




Available for Android and iOS

A month of magic every year, the pop-up station has been the soundtrack to the season for listeners all over the country. Raising money for worthy causes – this year, it’s Temple Street Children’s Hospital – and spreading cheer in one fell swoop, it’s wall-to-wall Christmas crackers to get you in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year!




Available for Android and iOS

There are plenty of altogether lively options when it comes to calculating just how long until the 25th rolls around; if you fancy something more sedate and stylish, this is your man. The fact that it’s programmable for other events – and not covered in reindeer, tinsel and other such accoutrements – means you might just get use of it once it’s all over, too!




Available for Android and iOS

To the uninitiated, the news that Santa is being watched by the North American Aerospace Defence Command probably sounds ominous. There’s no cause for alarm, though; these guys have been following the progress of Mr Claus’ annual jaunts for more than half a century! It’s not just for the night itself, either; there’s loads of games, stories and more here too…




Available for Android and iOS

It’s all singing, all dancing, and all good craic! The prancing picture app has become something of a staple at this point, but with new music – and new moves! – it’s still a sure-fire hit. It could scarcely be easier to use, either, meaning that as long as you’ve got a few photos to hand, anybody can get in on the funky fun!




Available for Android and iOS

Fair enough, a “family organiser” sounds like having Supernanny installed on your phone – but this yoke is almost as good for keeping everyone on the same page! It’s handy the whole year round, but as the usual rush of office parties, family get-togethers, dinners, playdates and everything else pile up, it really proves its worth around the holidays…




Available for Android and iOS

For the technologically minded, there’s a good chance that you last sent Christmas cards by snail-mail while worrying about the Y2K bug. And while there’s always the option of a beautifully worded WhatsApp message, this adds a touch of class; you can knock them out in seconds, choose different options to suit different recipients, and save yourself the hassle of trying to remember where your nearest postbox is!


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