The Smart Listen – Five Podcasts You Can Love AND Learn!

5 best podcasts to love and learn

While we’re massive fans of a comedy to help the commute fly, a drama to pass a rainy day, and even a bit of mindless mania to make the morning brighter, we love a podcast that leaves us that bit smarter than we were before listening. After all, some of the best minds on the planet have embraced the platform – why shouldn’t we take advantage and learn a thing or two?!


And anyone expecting an audio lecture is a million miles of the mark; some shows are as exciting and entertaining as they are informative. So pop your thinking caps on and download this lot – and learn while you listen!




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Currently into its fourth season, Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast re-examines something from the past – and he’s usually got a brand new perspective to share! Whether looking at McDonald’s recipes or memory, the Canadian always has interesting points to make, and an impressive commitment to leaving no stone unturned means you’ll probably leave with a different perspective too!




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Design and architecture might not sound like everybody’s cup of tea – but this show is one that’s likely to change your mind! Beautifully produced and joyously detailed, its focuses on things you might never have given a second thought, from park benches and cul-de-sacs to postage stamps and concrete. And if it tickles your fancy, then you’ll be sorted for quite a while; there’s nearly 350 episodes for you to work your way through!




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Word nerds unite – it’s the podcast you’ve always dreamed of! Exploring the English language and lexicon, it covers everything from historical creations to modern evolution, and host Helen Zaltzman is tireless in her pursuit of explanations for why we speak the way we do. This one won’t just make you think while you’re listening; you’ll be thinking about it every time you open your mouth!




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Ever wonder why we began wearing pants? Or why it took so long for the fork to catch on? Or why auctioneers alwaysseemtotalklikethis? Quirky queries from listeners are what informs this – and they range from things that have bothered your for years, to things you never thought to question until now. One things for sure; you’ll be overflowing which answers once you get stuck in!




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OK, so we would say this – but you’d better believe you’ll find a whole lot in this one! Keeping abreast of the latest and greatest hitting the box is only the start of it; there’s also a load of exclusive interviews, with the likes of Adrian Dunbar and UEFA Champions League pundits Graeme Souness and Brian Kerr featuring on the latest episode. There’ll be no excuse for being out of the loop!


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