Let's Have A Podcast Party - Build Your Own Festival!

Unsplash Image: Podcast Party

At this time of year, audiophiles would normally be flocking to venues in Dublin and Cork to scratch their podcast itch, as festivals of the form take over our two biggest cities. This year, obviously, it’s not the case...but that doesn’t mean podcast fans can’t make their own fun!


In fact, forget about going 5km from your own home; you can create your own audio extravaganza without even leaving your couch! All you’ll need is your mobile (so grab it!), some headphones (pop ‘em on!), and subscribe to some six-star selections from across the scene – and for those, just read on!


THE MICHELLE OBAMA PODCAST — The Star Attraction Listen exclusively on Spotify


Every good festival needs a headliner – and they don’t come much bigger than the former first lady! Whether it’s personal revelations or considered discussion of some of the biggest topics out there, Mrs O is a comfortable and engaging presence on the mic. The guestlist is pretty stellar, too – though when you can call on your husband to appear on your very first episode, that’s a bit of a leg-up on the competition!


STAYING IN WITH EMILY AND KUMAIL — The Conversationalists Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


You might be familiar with their (approximate) story from the hilarious and heartwarming movie The Big Sick; suffice to say that you’ll love the real life couple even more! This 12-parter was made during the lockdown Stateside – so there’s plenty to relate to for us right now! – and features everything from wisecracking gags and serious convos to meditations on the (very!) little things in life...


WHERE IS GEORGE GIBNEY? — Homegrown Heroics Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


While not for the faint of heart, Mark Horgan’s extraordinary podcast is part true-crime, part historical documentary, and wholly engrossing. Combining arresting subject matter with impressive production and journalistic verve, it’s already had the Irish sports world talking, and made serious waves overseas too; if you haven’t had a chance to hear what all the fuss is about, then put this one near the top of your must-listen list.


THE ALARMIST — The Storytellers Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


If you’re a believer in history repeating itself, then brace yourself; turns out some of it can be pretty nasty indeed! It’s the mission of Rebecca Delgado Smith to learn from events of the past, which is why the Challenger space shuttle, the financial crash, Kimye v T-Swift, and just about everything in between are up for discussion on this show that combines meticulous research and a little bit of fun to create one awesome listen!


DEAR JOAN AND JERICHA — The Late Night Special Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


If there are children anywhere next, nigh or near your headphones, press pause. And then cover their ears. Perhaps with industrial strength muffs. You don’t want them to hear this. Crude, rude and almost debilitatingly funny, the creation of Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine is based on two altogether unapologetic agony aunts dispensing advice you’d do well not to follow – but you really should hear!


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