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Top tips for your Smartphone Whether you’ve got the latest mobile phone on the market, one that’s new to you, or one that is a little older but well loved, here are some top tips to get it operating to the max as well as keeping it safe and secure.


1. Avoid downloading extra nasties along with your apps


Only use official app stores to download your apps and updates. Use the Apple App Store if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, or the Google Play store if you’ve got an Android device. It’s all too common for malware developers to create fake malicious apps and put them up on shady third-party sites, hoping someone will be download them - so if you stick to the official stores they have a much stricter screening process.


2. Backup your data to the cloud


You can save yourself a lot of heartache if you keep an ongoing backup of your phone. That way, if it’s ever lost or stolen, you still have all the apps, data, and accounts up to date in your backup. A lot of apps like WhatsApp have an auto backup function in them, this allows you to back up daily, weekly, monthly, only when you tap it, or never!


3. Utilize battery savers


Most new phones offer plenty of tips and tools on how to extend battery life so you don’t have to recharge too often. There usually found in the Settings menu. Power-saving tips will cover everything from reducing the time before the screen times out to turning off Bluetooth, GPS and auto sync. They also have settings like power saving and ultra-power saving to help you out if you get caught in battery crisis! You’ll be a battery-saving pro in no time.


4. Know your usage


Once you’ve checked your mobile plan and know your data allowances you can use your phone to track your data usage to see how you compare. The latest smartphones will tell you exactly which features and apps are using up your mobile data, whether it’s e-mail, browsing, uploading photos, or streaming music and video. Handy, right?


If you’re on Virgin Mobile and registered on My Virgin Media you can also track usage here – which can really come in handy.


At Virgin Mobile we’ve got some of the best unlimited mobile data plans around and even our limited plan offers a generous 5GB of data.


5. Install a phone finder app


We have all been there, you were convinced you put your mobile phone in your bag or pocket, you do the frantic phone search dance - but no joy! Installing a phone finder app can help give you peace of mind when this happens. iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices have handy ‘find my phone’ features built-in to their operating systems and Android users can take advantage of a number of free apps that do the same thing. These apps allow you to locate, call, erase or lock your phone remotely, adding much-needed peace of mind. Check them out in your App Store.


Invest in a good screen protector


Whether you’re ultra-cautious or the world’s clumsiest person - screen protectors are one of the most valuable accessories that you can buy for your phone. There are a few options available and they offer different levels of protection, so you need to choose what’s right for you.


Here’s a breakdown of the different types of screen protection available for your device.


• HD Screen Shield: Generally, this is the entry level when it comes to physical screen protection. It’s a HD film with a glass-like finish that offers protection against glass breakage and scratches. The look and feel may not be to the same quality as a glass screen protector, but is a better value option.


• Tempered Glass: Tempered glass has been chemically and thermally treated to increase its strength. It offers a higher level of protection against breaking and scratches than HD or Liquid, as it’s designed to resist impact and can be easily replaced, but may not always be the best option for curved screens (Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro).


• Liquid Nano Screen Protection: The latest development in screen protection using Nano technology. Liquid screen protection increases screen durability, preventing scratches. It doesn’t necessarily offer the best protection against breakage, but it’s great for smaller devices like watches or camera screens where screen protectors are not available, or used alongside a tempered glass screen.