Top Five Amazing Apps You Never Knew You Needed

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Your snazzy smartphone probably has more memory than you know what to do with; save all your favourite photos, install your go-to apps, download your favourite music – and then what? Well, there’s a whole world of apps out there that you might never have considered...until now!


From funny ones and clever ones to those which could only have been invented by a genius or a madman, your phone’s future best friends are quite the motley crew; read on for a selection of strange and wonderful downloads you’ll wonder how you lived without!



Available for Android and iOS


Can you tell your Ursa Major from your Ursa Minor? Whether you’re curious about the universe around you, fielding questions from curious kids, or simply trying to impress a date (hey, we’ve all been there!), then this pocket planetarium is indispensable. Simply point it at the sky and it will tell you what you’re looking at – and a lot more besides! Astronomy can be awesome, and this gadget will show just why!



Available for Android and iOS


Settling in to watch your favourite movie with a jumbo-sized beverage is one of life’s simple pleasures...until nature calls, that is! Well, someone, somewhere, heard your anguish – and RunPee is the result. Identifying the perfect point of a film that you can nip to the loo and back, it will also update you on anything important you missed while you were gone. So now, when you’re worried about bathroom breaks, you can flush your cares away!



Available for Android and iOS


While the scanner has gone the way of the fax machine and the Amstrad E-mailer, sending documents online is probably needed more now than ever before. Enter this decidedly handy tool, which simply scans the doc, auto-enhances the quality, and is ready to send in PDF or JPEG form. It’s also a dab hand when it comes to adding a signature to a digital doc, and proves pretty useful as a mini-filing system too. Hey, it’s not all fun and games – and with so much remote working going on, this one might just be a lifesaver before long!



Available for Android and iOS


You don’t need to be an oenophile to enjoy a nice glass of wine every once in a while – but it sure helps to have expert help when you’re trying to pick one out! Working by scanning the label, it instantly tells you all you’ll need to know, so your next trip to the supermarket can be a true adventure! It also has an online shopping feature, which means getting your fave from the restaurant to your front door has never been easier!



Available for Android and iOS


Phone crazes come and go, but cuppas are for life – so if you’re serious about your scald, consider this your new tea-time pal! While primarily a timer designed to deliver your brew exactly as you like it, there’s also all sorts of info about different blends, if you decide you fancy shaking things up. Who said only the wine connoisseurs get to show off?!


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