Podcasts do's and don’ts


These days, it seems like there are new podcasts popping up every day – which means there are loads of new ideas taking shape across the country right now! That’s why we turned to Tara Flynn, the host of Taranoia, to get her tips on starting your own show; find them in the current issue of PLAY Magazine right here!


Of course, anyone who finds themselves on Leeside this coming weekend will have plenty of inspiration, as the inaugural Cork Podcast Festival swings into action. Some of Ireland’s premier podcasts will be in live-action across the three-day extravaganza, and we’ve picked out some of the prime examples that will be strutting their stuff. ..



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Hosted by the aforementioned Ms Flynn, this blend of storytelling, interviews, personal reflections and other assorted craic is a winning combination!



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Proof that we can do true crime as well as the best of them, the fascinating case of the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier is explored in forensic detail, in a podcast that made waves far beyond Irish shores.



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Journalist Jo Linehan is our guide in this cracking consumer podcast, where businesses who put as much emphasis on sustainability as they do style are in the spotlight.



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While it’s dedicated to those who like their music loud, this podcast is far from heavy going! Instead, Richie Le Faux’s passion for heavy metal shines through as he meets bands, promoters and fans from the scene to talk all things hard rock.



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A delectable selection of horror stories from a darker Ireland, we hope the opening burst of Peter Dunne’s brilliant podcasts are merely the start. As Halloween draws close, this is the sort of thing to get your hairs standing on end!


Still can’t get enough podcasting in your life? Check out the new Virgin Media PLAY Podcast, featuring Adrian Dunbar, Brian Kerr and Graeme Souness, Mark O’Connor and more! right here!