Give Mary A Mobile – What Poppin’ on Poppins’ Phone?!

Mary Poppins Mobile Apps

The magic of Mary Poppins is legendary – and from umbrella-aided flight to a bathtub-based dreamworld, it’s all present and correct in the amazing Mary Poppins Returns! The recent reboot, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99, is the year’s most fabulous family films, and has already transfixed whole new generation!




One thing that we’re wondering about, though, is her seemingly bottomless carpet bag. Why? Well, because it’s 2019 – she could probably do most of her tricks with an app! Yes, the modern-day Mary would be a super nanny with little more than a phone at her disposal; we’ve had a go at guessing what she’d be downloading before touching down with the Banks family…




Available for Android and iOS

So actually producing a bathtub to clean the kids? Not quite possible. A photo app that could elimate any dirt on faces? Now we’re talking! This insta-favourite contains tons of tricks and tools to touch up your shots – now that’s magic!




Available for Android and iOS

Mary’s always got a tape measure handy – but she needn’t any more, with this motion-based gadget. We could tell you all about the inertial sensors and the fancy-dan algorithm (and we’d totally know what we were talking about too) but suffice to say that it’s every bit as good as your dad’s inch tape…




Available for Android and iOS

A medicine bottle (with indiscriminate contents, we might add) is all well and good, but prevention is better than cure. Enter this gizmo, designed with help from the World Health Organisation, which coaches you to a healthier lifestyle – no prescription required…




Available for Android and iOS

Your phone can’t protect you from rain like a brolly can;; it can provide a small amount of shelter if you’re very stuck, but we really wouldn’t recommend it! Planning ahead to avoid the showers, then, might be the best plan of attack…




Available for Android and iOS

Look, Mary has to bend over backwards to entertain those Banks kids – and probably wishes there was an easier way. Turning your phone into a TV is most certainly one; whether live channels, or the extensive On Demand library of films and TV shows, it’s all at your fingertips – now can you imagine that?!



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