Last Chance Saloon - The Fantastic Films Soon Finishing On Virgin Movies

We’re all about bringing you cracking new films on Virgin Movies - just look at what we’ve introduced this month! - but nothing can last forever.

We’re going to be saying goodbye to some of the year’s finest flicks soon, so if you fancy catching them you’d better get your skates on!


Available to rent until September 18th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


It was something of a strange sideshow in the 1970s, but the big screen telling of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs meeting on the tennis court is an absolute smash! Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are on point as the combatants, and the razor-sharp script sparkles too - it’s ace!






Available to rent until September 27th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


This quirky indie rom-com tells the tale of a pair of lovable losers who find each other in less-than-ideal circumstances. It delivers some cracking comedy, and the central pair of Noel Wells and Josh Radnor inject plenty of engaging emotion along the way too...






Available to rent until September 27th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Between a star-studded cast - including Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig and Christoph Waltz - and an inspired plot centred on a new experimental community designed to combat overpopulation, this sci-fi dramedy has something for just about everyone. The sharp and smart flick didn’t get the respect it deserves; make sure you don’t make the mistake of missing it!






Available to rent until October 1st on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Gary Oldman cleaned up during awards season for this portrayal of Winston Churchill at the start of his period as Prime Minister. History buffs might spot one or two inaccuracies, but what has been changed is with entertainment in mind; the finished product is a deliciously tense and lively drama that will have you on the edge of your seat.






Available to rent until October 15th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


The steamy series bows out with an effort that looks towards tension rather than titillation to get your hairs standing on end! Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are their usual smouldering selves, but the real treat is in the story which brings the air of a thriller to proceedings...






Available to rent until October 15th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Set in the world of 1950s London fashion, this perfect period piece is tailor-made for fans of rich and nuanced drama. If it really does prove to be Daniel Day-Lewis’ final role, we can certainly say he went out on top!







Available to rent until October 29th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Visually gorgeous and truly epic in scope, this Disney fantasy adventure is a spectacular example of the ambition big-budget bonanzas should have! Kids and adults alike should find something to like - the very definition of a family favourite for a new era...




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