Why Deadpool 2 Is Even Better Than The Original

It’s not every day that audiences and critics agree about things; it’s even rarer to see a sequel heralded as an improvement on the original. So you could be forgiven for pinching yourself to make sure it was really happening when Deadpool 2 was declared a step-up from the already fabulous first effort – but it totally is!

The return of everyone’s favourite sarcastic superhero is available to rent on Virgin Movies from Friday, from €4.99, and if you didn’t manage to catch it in cinemas then it should go straight on your list of films to watch this weekend. Why? Well, read on…



From ripping on Wolverine in the opening scene, the gags come thick and fast from a character that must go down as one of the funniest creations of the decade. From plot driven funnies to some pop-culture gems, the belly laughs arrive at a rate of knots, and the script – which Ryan Reynolds himself wrote with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – is even sharper than the first time around…and if you’ve seen the first one you’ll know that’s saying something! You’ll have to pay attention to catch them all too though, because…






If there’s one thing that can reasonably be said about comic-book movies, it’s that they’re usually altogether larger than life. Perhaps that’s why it’s so exciting to finally have a Marvel movie that delights in throwing subtle nods and quiet hints for the most perceptive fans to enjoy! Whether it’s 1980s music videos, the wider MCU canon, or a cameo that should go down in comedy lore, there’s a ton of tiny nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout the movie; if you don’t catch them all, you’ll want to watch it again!






Given that director David Leitch had impressed with John Wick and Atomic Blonde, we sort of expected that the action sequences would be nothing short of mind-blowing – and even then we were still left shellshocked! Being smart is all well and good, but sometimes a blockbuster needs fireworks to really get you to the edge of your seat, and this film has plenty of explosive stunts and stunning set-pieces to leave you reeling.







With all the rib-tickling gags, high-octane hijinks and general superhero shenanigans, you might think Deadpool 2 is nothing but a riotous good time – but a surprisingly emotional climax demonstrates an ability to pack an emotional punch too. We’re not saying you necessarily need to make sure there’s a few Kleenex close at hand, but for all the adrenaline that this film delivers, it’s well able to tug on your heartstrings too. That’s a pretty impressive combination if you ask us!





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