Six New Films To Watch On Virgin Movies This Month

The nights are getting longer – but that just means more time to fill up on the finest films around! We’ve got a whole host on offer throughout October on Virgin Movies, with a particular emphasis on horror – it’s the scariest month of the year, after all! So if you missed them in the cinema, let us bring them straight to your living room; here’s what you have to look forward to over the coming weeks...

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Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 8th from €4.99


A cabin in the woods is always a surefire bet for a slasher film - but there’s devilishly delightful surprises awaiting in this one! Featuring some excellent performances and a script that embraces the eerie from the off, it’s a blood-soaked bonanza that will keep committed horror fans and casual viewers equally entertained!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 8th from €4.99


This bright and breezy blast features a cast that would make any directors’ heart soar; from Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda to Alicia Silverstone and Richard Dreyfuss, it’s a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars. A group of women reading Fifty Shades of Grey for their book group are inspired to set off on their own epic stories – expect cheek, chuckles and charm by the bucketload!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 8th from €4.99


Proof that we can do scary on these shores too, this Northern Irish spine-tingler might be the most frightening film the Emerald Isle has ever produced. Using the found footage style to astounding effect, the freaky flick is set in a Magdalene Laundry - which is chilling enough in itself - and features enough demonic possession and diabolic forces to give even the bravest of souls reason to look under the bed before hitting the hay afterwards!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 15th from €4.99


Written, directed by, and starring Rupert Everett – that’s how to do a passion project, folks! – this look at the final days of Oscar Wilde is witty, rich and poignant; much like its subject, then. It might have a tragic ending, but Everett’s performance is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, as it becomes patently clear it’s a role he was born to play.






Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 29th from €4.99


Fans of the franchise will likely know what to expect; newcomers should probably brace themselves! Brutal and unabashed, the first burst of the night of lawlessness is violent, vicious and very affecting - the sort of chaotic watch that will linger long after the final credits have rolled. Just comfort yourself with the fact it doesn’t happen in real life...yet!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies from October 29th from €4.99


Featuring Nicolas Cage at his wild and wonderful best, this gargantuan slice of gonzo gore brings to mind grindhouse greats of years gone by. A cult led by a sadistic leader picks the wrong wooded area to terrorise – and, predictably, it’s our boy Nic who’s going to make them pay! Fun for all the right reasons, packed with wacky weapons and ferocious force, it’s the sort of romp that popcorn evenings were created for.





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