5 Brand-Spanking New Podcasts for 2019


New year, new… podcast! Well, at least that’s we think the phrase should go! With heaps of new and exciting podcasts making their way onto the scene each week (nevermind year!); it can be tricky to pick the one that’s right for you. But with our list of some of the latest and greatest around right now, it’s never been easier.



Love prison shows and crime dramas? Well, this podcast is the one for you. It brings you the stories of life inside San Quentin prison, shared and produced by those living it. For real; the podcast is actually co-hosted by inmate Earlonne Woods and created within the prison walls. He and fellow host Nigel Poor interview a host of men incarcerated about all aspects of prison life and it makes for a seriously interesting listen.



If a podcast dedicated to the taboos that make life interesting is up your streak, get subscribing now! Hosted by two witty and intelligent Irish lasses, it delves into all kinds of topics every fortnight. From crossdressing and marriage to body hair and porn, there’s certainly something set to peak your interest. It kicked off late last year so you’ll have a handful of episodes to catch up on while you wait for the next installment.



If you’re a film buff and a science nerd (or even both!), you’ll need to get listening to this wonderfully weird favourite. The crew tackle movies, breaking down all of the scientific inaccuracies on the big screen. From big-time engineers explaining why Star Wars just wouldn’t work to physicists tearing apart Back to the Future, it’s a serious treat for listeners!



This one my not be new, but it still deserves a spot on your 2019 listening-list. And with four seasons to date, you’re in for a treat. Host Jamie’s father actually tried his hand at writing erotic literature and he, how do we put this lightly, doesn’t quite make anyone hot under the collar! Jamie and his motley crew read a chapter each week and basically tear it to pieces. It’s charming, full of laughs and everything you want in a podcast. Make sure to stick your headphones in and watch out for those pomegranates!


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