How to install Virgin TV

Installation really couldn’t be much easier. Follow our self-install guides and all will be revealed!

Installing Virgin TV HD+

If you have chosen to install Virgin TV service yourself, please follow these easy step by step instructions below:

Time to get connected

  • Firstly, remove all the items from the box provided.
  • Connect one of the red ends of the coax cable to the right side of the Virgin Media connection box situated on the wall and then to the COAX IN socket on your Horizon box, making sure that both ends are secure.
  • Take the black power cable and connect this to the power adapter. Then place the plug end of the cable into the power socket and the opposite end into the slot at the back of your Horizon TV HD+ box, just below the power button.

Note: Remember to remove the plastic packaging from the front of your Horizon TV HD+ box.

Tip:Please do not remove the orange plastic strip from your Horizon Remote Control yet, as the best time to do this is during step 3.

Watch how to Install your Virgin TV

Download the Install Guide as PDF for reference


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Good to know

Make the most of your Virgin Media Experience

Virgin TV lets you record 4 shows at the same time, even while watching a 5th.

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