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My Virgin Media App is the handiest way to manage your account. 

Take control of your Virgin Media services at the touch of a button. 

From installing new devices to sorting bills and so much more, the power is in your pocket with My Virgin Media App.

Download it for free now on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

My Virgin Media App is now here!

This month we’re giving away an Xbox Series S to one lucky customer.

Bills are a breeze | Does wonders for your WiFi experience | Own your usage | In-app chat
 with our agents

To enter: download the app, sign in to your account, find the Xbox Series S competition on the home screen and tap “enter now”.

Download the app for exclusive access to monthly competitions:


Meet the App


Bills are a breeze

Make payments in-app or set up a direct debit, so it’s automatically sorted next time.

You can also download a bill for reference, and track payment history and upcoming charges, so you always know exactly where you stand.


Does wonders for your WiFi experience

Manage your network, control your kids' access, and troubleshoot any connection issues from your phone.

It’s never been easier to ensure a seamless broadband experience for the entire household.


Own your usage

It’s simple to keep track of playtime – or log those working hours! My Virgin Media App gives you a complete overview of your broadband, home phone and mobile usage.

From hours and gigabytes to calls and texts, it’s all the info you need. That includes unbilled usage, so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

You can also compare monthly changes, making it easier to adjust your activity, allowing you to stay in control of your usage.


In-app chat
 with our agents

The support you need at the touch of a button.


Get play underway

If your tech know-know only goes as far as downloading an app, you’re in luck!

My Virgin Media App will help you set up all our products and services. So, it’s never been easier to get play underway.

Whether you’re getting to grips with your new Streaming remote or plugging in your Hub, we’ve no-nonsense guides for it all. Any further questions? We’ve integrated chat to answer them for you, with easy points of customer care contact.


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Powered by fast, reliable broadband.


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Some helpful FAQ's about our connect app can found here