Getting the best WiFi Signal

Let us help you set up your wireless network, so you can connect to the Internet on your mobile devices anywhere in your home.

Six tips for winning WiFi

Here’s 6 simple tips to make sure you enjoy the full range and power of your new Virgin Media Hub.

Keep your Hub upright

  • Your Hub works best when it’s standing on its base, lights facing into the room.
  • Make sure it's not lying on its side, as it will not perform very well in that position.  

Don't tuck your hub away

  • Hiding your Hub in a TV cabinet or closed shelving can block your wireless signal. It’s best out in the open. 

Switch channel with a reboot

  • Your Hub transmits signals on wireless channels in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • If another gadget nearby is also using one of the same channels (for example, your neighbour’s router), the two devices could be duelling it out for the airwaves.
  • Turn your Hub off and switch it back on again. It’ll automatically pick up the least congested channels, giving your Hub more room to do what it does best. 

Get a clearer signal

  • Interference can weaken your Hub’s powers, so it’s best to position it away from other electrical devices, like baby monitors and wireless speakers.

Give your gadgets and gizmos a break

  • You can add so many things to your wireless network: computers, consoles, smartphones, TVs and even music systems. Just bear in mind that your WiFi is shared out between them, so if you’ve got a busy household it’s probably better to download large files late at night, or download movies and music before you play them.

Remember that some devices have limits

  • New devices tend to be better for wireless connectivity and speed than older kit. But it isn’t just about age – tablets and smartphones are a brilliant way to get online, but right now their small size means they can’t quite keep up with newer computers when it comes to speed.

Good to know

Make the most of your Virgin Media Experience

WiFi light on modem turns red when there is a problem flashes green if you press the WPS button.
The Internet light on the Hub flashes green when the it's downloading a software update.
Pressing the WPS light on the Hub allows you to add a wireless device or computer to your network.
Always make your connection secure Choose a strong password with upper and lower case letters and numbers.