Information on Your Mobile Plan

What is included in Virgin Mobiles Unlimited price plans?

Short Answer: A lot. Long Answer: Unlimited 4G data subject to a very fair ‘Fair Usage Policy’ of 30GB per month that you can use within the Republic of Ireland. A Fair Usage allowance of 5.5GB of this Data can be used when Roaming in the EU. Unlimited calls that you can use within the Republic of Ireland to call any national mobile or landline or when Roaming in the EU to call other EU mobile or landline numbers. Subject to a more than fair “Fair Usage Policy” of 10,000 minutes per month. Unlimited texts that you can use within the Republic of Ireland to text any national mobile or when Roaming in the EU to text other EU mobiles. Subject to a more than fair “Fair Usage Policy” of 10,000 texts per month. After these more-than-generous limits, customers will be charged per unit at standard rates.

What contract lengths are there with Virgin Mobiles Price plans?

Virgin Mobile's SIM-Only price plans have a 30 day contract. We think that’s a big plus. You’re not locked into a lengthy contract, and can change the plan to meet your needs. Although, we will need 30 days' notice. You can learn more about your SIM-Only plans.

To get the special pricing for Virgin Mobile, as a Virgin Media TV and broadband customer, do I have to sign up to a new contract on my broadband and TV?

Nope. That’s the beauty of a rolling contract. If you’re a Virgin Media Broadband or TV customer, you can have a maximum of four mobile subscriptions per account and a maximum of one promotion per mobile subscription or mobile number.

How many promotional/customer price plans can I sign up to?

We offer a maximum of 2 SIMs per Virgin Media TV/Broadband account. After all, no person's an island, and our deals are too good not to share.

How can I pay for my Virgin Mobile price plan?

All Virgin Mobile customers will need to pay their bill by Direct Debit. Cool, right?

What are the costs for using services on my phone outside of my bundle?

We suggest you review the full list of out of bundle rates. Remember, with our freestyle contracts, you can change your plan as long as you give us 30 days' notice.

Can I use premium rate voice services?

Of course, but there may be some restrictions in place due to operator capability and they cannot be used when Roaming. You will be charged at per minute rates outside of your bundle minutes. Again, we suggest reviewing our out of bundle rates.

Can I use premium rate text services?

You most certainly can! The majority of premium rate text (short-code) services are available to Virgin Mobile customers.

You can check the rates for short code text services here.

How do I call my mobile voicemail from a landline?

That is very simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Dial 353896191171 from your landline (if calling from abroad you will need to add a + sign or 00 before dialling the numbers) .
  2. On the  call you will be requested to enter your MSISDN - this is your mobile phone number.
  3. You will then be requested to enter a PIN - follow the instructions on the call and the PIN will be sent to you by SMS.
  4. You will then receive the PIN by SMS.
  5. Enter the PIN
  6. Voicemail access will be given

You know what's great about this? You can access your mobile voicemail either from within Ireland or from abroad. Pretty handy, isn't it?

Can I send and receive picture messages (MMS)?

Unfortunately not. MMS messages are not supported on Virgin Mobile. But this is no deal-breaker, as there are several apps available which will allow you to share photos. Pop by the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store, and find your perfect fit.

Can I receive text messages from Service Providers?

Yes. Text messages from the majority of Service Providers are successfully received by Virgin Mobile subscribers. These are typically marketing or service messages, for example a code sent by your bank to validate a new payee on your account.


However, because we're a new network, occasionally a Service Provider SMS doesn't route correctly to our network. Whenever this is brought to our attention we take the necessary steps to work with the Service Provider to resolve the issue.