Billing & Payment


Your Mobile Bill Explained

Your bill made easy. Very easy.

Summary Section

What does all this mean?
Don't worry, we've clearly explained everything for you.


A - Your Virgin Media account number.


B - Your name and address.


C - Calls, texts, international calls, premium rate calls and other stuff such as roaming outside your price plan.


D - Your Virgin Media price plan cost, one month in advance.


E - Your billing period:
   -The first date is when your billing period started
   -The second date is when your billing period ended


F - The is everything you need to pay this month

Usage Section

The nitty-gritty stuff
All the detail about how your monthly charges add up.


G - Details of calls, texts and data you've used within your price plan limit.


H - Details of calls, texts, international calls, premium rate calls and other stuff such as roaming not covered by your monthly price plan. You'll see a charge in the cost column.


I - Everything outside your price plan all added up.


Why would two different VAT rates appear on my bill?

There are two tax rates - 13.5% applies to most installation fees and 23% applies to all other service and usage charges as well as one specific installation type.  


Online Billing Explained

Online billing with My Virgin Media makes it easy to see your latest bill. You no longer need to wait for your bill to arrive in the post.

Copies of your bills are stored within your My Virgin Media account for 12 months, so they're always there to view, download and print whenever you need them.

  • Your online bill provides a clear overview of the Virgin Media services you have and their individual costs or your bundle price.
  • It will show you an itemised phone bill and your usage if you subscribe to our Home Phone service.
  • You can also keep track of your movie rentals if you are using Virgin Media Ireland’s On Demand TV or Horizon TV App & Online services.



Access Bill Online

This is a step-by-step guide to accessing your bill once you get your notification email each month.

Step 1

Go to My Virgin Media. Once you get to the log in page enter your username and your password into the spaces provided and click ‘sign-in’. If you have forgotten your user name or your password no problem, you can select these options at the bottom of the page and follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve the information.

Step 2

When you have logged in, select the My Bills & Payments drop down menu at the top to page and choose ‘My Bills’ access your bills.

From here you can select which month you would like to see. You then have the option of viewing it as a PDF or as an interactive bill. You can view a summary of your bill by scrolling down the page.

To see it in more detail you can select the My Bills & Payments option in the top banner and then select My Bills and Payments in the dropdown menu to view all of your payment details in detail.

Step 3

If at any stage you would like to change your bill settings, this is possible through your My Virgin Media. All you have to do is select My Bills & Payments, then Change My Billing Options.


How to let us know you have paid your bill

If you would like to let us know that you have paid your bill, complete the online form  and a member of our team will make a note on your account, so you don’t need to contact us.

Was your payment late? We can remove any restrictions on your services if you tell us you’ve recently paid your bill in full. Click here to complete the online form.


Step by step guide how to pay by Direct Debit

The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to pay your bill is by using Direct Debit. This will:

  • Save you time and is hassle free
  • Ensure your bills are always paid on time
Sign up for Direct Debit payment method by logging in to My Virgin Media
  • Click on My Bill and Payments option at the top
  • Select 'Change my Billing Options'
  • Then click on 'Switch to Direct Debit'
If you are not registered yet to My Virgin Media you can register now and sign up to Direct Debit.

When do I need to complete a Direct Debit Mandate?

There are some instances when you might have to set up a Direct Debit mandate. But don't worry, they're not really that big of a deal:

1. Joint Bank Account? If you are signing up for the Direct Debit payment option using a joint bank account that requires two signatures. For example if you need 2 signatures to sign a cheque then you will need to complete a mandate.

2. When you are setting up a DD for someone else, please call us as we will need to register you as a Account Holder. Please ensure both parties are present when you call us on 1908.

3. Business bank account. If you would like to pay from a business bank account you will need to complete a mandate.

4. Foreign Bank Accounts. Must be a Euro bank account.

To sign up, just download the appropriate form, fill in your information and throw it in the post. Once your Direct Debit has been set up by the bank, we will send a letter confirming it has been activated.

1. Download Direct Debit Mandate for Mobile services

2. Download Direct Debit Mandate for TV/Broadband/ Home Phone services

Make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to print these forms. Alternatively, select in your printer settings to print the forms as an image.

Please post the completed form to:

Virgin Media Ireland, PO Box 16118, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.

Once your Direct Debit has been set up by the bank we will post you a letter to let you know that it has been activated.


Guide to Paying Online

With My Virgin Media – You can pay your bill with a credit or debit card. It's secure, quick and easy.

Sign in to My Virgin Media if you are not signed up yet why not register now and get free, easy online access to your account.

Within your My Virgin Media account, bills are stored for 12 months, so they're always there to view, download and print whenever you need them.


How can I pay my bill?

There are a number of easy hassle free ways to pay your bill

Direct Debit
The easiest way to pay your bill is by using Direct Debit. Paying by Direct Debit. Simply log into your My Virgin Media account go to “Change my billing options” and click on "switch to auto pay" and provide your details.

Online on
You can pay your bill online on our website. Simply register for My Virgin Media to view and pay your bills online using your credit or Laser card in just a few simple steps. No need to go to the post office anymore or look for a stamp. You will need your account number to hand when registering.

Credit/Laser Card
Call 1908 and select the option for Accounts and Billing and then select option 1 for card payments. Overseas customers can call 00 353 1 245 8000. Please ensure that you have your account number to hand.

Your bill can be paid at your bank using either their online, ATM or telephone service. Please contact your bank for further information. You will need the Virgin Media BIC AIBKIE2D and IBAN IE62 AIBK 9312 6802 0213 87 for this.

By Cash
Pay your bill at any retail outlet where you see the Payzone, PayPoint or PostPoint signs. Please pay your bill in full or make a part payment to a minimum of €20. Please ensure you have your bill with you. For your convenience you can order a Virgin Media Payment Card from our Customer Care team to use when making payment instead of your bill.